Prisoner: Season 3

Prisoner: Season 3

Starring: Elspeth Ballantyne, Betty Bobbitt Val Lehman, Amanda Muggleton.

When the gate slams shut, you re on your own. Stand on the white line! Look forward to kitchen duty, working the press, buy ups in the Rec Room. Join the inmates of Wentworth Detention Centre for a reality checkā€¦

Prisoner Cell Block H aired for eight years from 1979 for an incredible 692 episodes. It was one of the most watched Australian soaps ever, at home and around the world. Made by Grundy, Prisoner was the first Australian show to tackle issues such as rape, homosexuality, murder and violence. This 21 DVD set includes all 81 episodes from the 1981 season three.

Prisoner: Season 3 is available now.

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