Ronny Chieng

Ronny Chieng

International Student.

Meet Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show). He’s a Malaysian student who’s come to Australia to study law. He’s smart, driven and  competitive, which would make him the perfect law student, if he actually wanted to be a lawyer.

Blunt, barbed and not afraid to cut through BS, it’s not long before Ronny is at odds with most people on campus. A genuine outsider, Ronny is suspicious of any group that wants him as a member – be it the rowdy Australians, the Mah-jong playing Asians or the blueblood…idiots.

Thankfully, Ronny makes an unlikely ally in Asher Angus (Molly Daniel; Upper Middle Bogan), a fellow first year from a small country town whose laconic nature and eternal optimism makes her the absolute opposite of Ronny. But the one thing they do share is a feeling of being on the outside looking in, and seeing a bunch of idiots staring back.


Ronny Chieng: International Student will be available on Digital HD & DVD from 19 July. 

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