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  • Housos vs Authority

    Housos vs Authority

    Starring: Paul Fenech, Elle Dawe, Jason “Jabba” Davis, Russell Gilbert, Vanessa Davis, Kev Taumata. ‘Housos vs Authority’ comes from the stooges who brought you ‘Fat Pizza’ and ‘Swift and Shift Couriers’. Shazza’s been having a tough time lately – her […]


  • Girl Of Nightmares

    Girl Of Nightmares

    By Kendare Blake. ‘Girl Of Nightmares’ is just your average boy-meets-girl, girl gets sucked into Hell story. The fantastic follow-up to ‘Anna Dressed in Blood’. Cas Lowood is no ordinary ghost hunter – he’s in love with a dead girl. […]


  • NBA 2K12

    NBA 2K12

    NBA 2K12 is the top-selling and top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise (According to 2008 – 2011 and The NPD Group estimates of U.S. retail video game sales through August 2011). Fans can now take control of 15 hoops […]


  • MINISTRY OF SOUND: The Annual 2013

    MINISTRY OF SOUND: The Annual 2013

    Ministry of Sound present The Annual 2013 – two discs of the best EDM and club tracks, ready to tear apart dance floors across the country! Mixed by one of Australia’s most formidable duos The Only, and resident fresh-maker Tom […]


  • A BROKEN SILENCE: Self-Titled

    A BROKEN SILENCE: Self-Titled

    Sydney’s A Broken Silence have unleashed their self-titled album, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their 2009 debut ‘All For What’, through Obese Records. After 12 months of writing and recording, the new album marks the return to the band’s song […]


  • Intuition: How Psychic Are You?

    Intuition: How Psychic Are You?

    “We’re all born psychic, from prophetic dreams to deeper instincts, intuitive information comes in many forms. Effective intuition relies on knowing how to tune in to your abilities when you need them” says Paul Fenton-Smith. “What’s all the current Hype […]


  • The Lad’s Chef Cookbook: Bobby Jewell

    The Lad’s Chef Cookbook: Bobby Jewell

    For any male whose culinary skills fall short of impressive, salvation has arrived in the form of ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ by Bobby Jewell. ‘The Lad’s Chef Cookbook’ caters to the needs of every man – from guys who have […]


  • LIAR: Justine Larbalestier

    LIAR: Justine Larbalestier

    Micah Wilkins admits she’s a liar. But will murder be enough of a reason to stop lying? An extraordinary and original story that will have you grasping for the truth until the very last page. Secrets, lies, murder and betrayal. […]


  • Where’s Elvis

    Where’s Elvis

    Is Elvis in Hollywood, Gracelands or just working in a fish shop? Look through this pictorial book of astoundingly intricate drawings and a lot of tongue in cheek for Elvis in all sorts of locations and amongst all kinds of […]


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