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An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre

“At school you were taught about chemicals in test tubes, equations to describe motion, and maybe something on photosynthesis … but in all likelihood you were taught nothing about death, risk, statistics, and the science of what will kill or cure you.”

Homeopathic hucksters. Nonsensical naturopaths. Anti-intellectual anti-vaxxers. Slippery statisticians and journalists promoting false balance. And let’s not forget, fraudulent pharmaceutical firms. In a Venn diagram, the point of convergence for them and their likes is ‘bad science’: the very bullseye of bullsh*t. So when the public is kept in the dark about the detrimental duplicity of these declarations, how many scientists does it take to screw in the light bulb that illuminates the facts? Just one: Dr Ben Goldacre, shining a light in Australia in September, 2016.

A graduate of Oxford University, a licensed physician, and eminent researcher and academic, Dr Ben Goldacre describes ‘bad science’ simply as “…when people make claims which they assert are scientific, but when you look at the evidence, it doesn’t support the claims that they’ve made.” Helming this dissemination of factoids, Goldacre says, is sensationalistic mainstream media, crooked corporations, and some less-than-reliable ‘researchers’.

Blending comedy and criticism, Goldacre was the author of the ‘Bad Science’ weekly column for The Guardian between 2003 and 2011, and bestselling books ‘Bad Science’ (2008), ‘Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients’ (2012) and ‘I Think You’ll Find It’s a Bit More Complicated Than That’ (2014).

The event will be hosted by Dr Brad McKay of TV’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies Down Under’. Together they will trade notes about battling pseudoscience at the front lines of medicine.

The doctor will see us now.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The event in SYDNEY (25/09/16) will consist of a 20-minute lecture by Dr Ben Goldacre, followed by a 40-minute conversation between Dr Goldacre and Dr Brad McKay. The event will begin with an opening act and it will be ending with an opportunity for Meet & Greet ticket holders to meet Dr Goldacre and get their books signed. Doors to the event will open at 6:00pm. Event start time is 7:00pm; the event ends at 8:45pm for general ticket holders and 10:00pm for Meet & Greet ticket holders. The Meet & Greet will take place after the main event within the same venue. Meet & Greet ticket holders will be asked to remain in their seats after the event to be directed to the Meet & Greet area. Before purchasing, please review your ticket choice as all student tickets require a student ID. There will be merchandise sold at the event, including t-shirts and posters. If you have any questions about the event run time or the event in general, please contact [email protected]

WHAT: An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre
WHEN: 25/09/2016 (7:00 pm - 8:45 pm)
WHERE: Enmore Theatre

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