New Kid On The Blockchain

New Kid On The Blockchain

In the next two years, blockchain and similar technologies will forever alter the way transactions occur, the way we store and share data, the way we track the provenance of goods and the way in which we manage supply chains.

While many industries already trade electronically in seemingly smooth marketplaces from finance to advertising and mining to farming, the back-office processes are still overwhelmingly manual. Make way for the brave new world where blockchain technologies will replace old-fangled ways with smart contracts and automatic fulfilment and payment processes.

Distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies have applications far beyond their most famous example — Bitcoin — though they are not yet widely understood. Knowing the hows and whys will put you ahead of the game as automated transactions go mainstream.

Join the Decoded team as we explore the mindset behind blockchain, have a look at hashing, the fundamentals of how the technology works and why it will change your industry and our futures.

WHAT: New Kid On The Blockchain
WHEN: 30/05/2018 (8:00 am - 9:30 am)
WHERE: Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia,

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