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Australian Roulette Tournaments: How to Participate and Win

Australian Roulette Tournaments: How to Participate and Win

Tournaments are some of the most fun events you can find at online casinos, and with the right strategies, they can also be very lucrative. Knowing how tournaments work will increase your chances of getting a share of the grand prize. Here, we aim to help you do exactly that: here’s everything you need to know before participating in a tournament on Australian roulette sites.

Check the Type of the Tournament First

Roulette tournaments are organized either by online casinos or by game developers. The latter are called “network tournaments” and are almost always a much better option, as they run on dozens of casino sites at the same time and the prize pool is much bigger. For example, the “Drops & Wins” tournament organized by Pragmatic Play includes live roulette games too and distributes 30 million EUR every month from its prize pool. Whenever possible, opt for network tourneys.

Learn How to Earn Points

You can find this out by looking at the terms and conditions of the event. In general, one of two options applies in this respect:

– Winning points with the stake. This option is the most common and you need to keep placing bets to earn points. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in the game. For example, you get 1 point for every bet that is worth 10 units.

– Getting points by winning in the game. In this option, your bet amount does not matter. Points are awarded according to the amount you win in the games. For example, you get 1 point for every 100 units paid.

The second of these options is fairer, as every player, regardless of their budget, has a chance to move up in the rankings. However, such tournaments last longer and their prize pools are usually more limited.

Choose a Game and Start Playing

Multiple games are included in each tourney and the casino decides which games these will be. To participate in the tournament and earn points, it is enough to pick any of these games and start playing. You don’t need to buy a ticket or contact customer service.

Read the terms and conditions of the event: it lists which games are included. Choose one, place your bet, and start playing – now you too can earn points and climb the rankings. As long as the tournament is running, only play the covered games.

See How the Prize Distribution Works

Find out what you should be aiming for by moving up the rankings. Most tournaments divide the prize pool money among the top 10 players, with the top three getting the lion’s share. So, if you don’t make it into the top 10, you won’t win any prizes. However, some tournaments reward the top 20, top 50, or even top 100 players.

Find out what your minimum ranking needs to be to get a share of the prize money and focus your efforts on achieving it. Keep a regular eye on the leaderboard and see how close you are to a share of the prize. Doing this will also determine the strategy you should follow. For example, if a player suddenly breaks into the top three a day before the end of the event, causing you to drop to fourth place, you may need to spend the last 24 hours betting on tournament games to avoid wasting your efforts.

Keep Playing Until the Last Second

Keep playing until the very last moment: a game completed in the last few minutes can put you in the top three or move you from second to first place. This can happen even in tournaments with a few minutes to go – don’t stop until the event is officially declared over. For the same reason, make sure you allocate enough budget before participating in a tournament. Bonuses don’t work in these events, meaning you can’t play or earn points with money from your bonus balance, for example. Only games you play with your own money will count. See how many days the tournament will last and plan your budget accordingly in advance.

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