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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Rediscover the magic of the jungle this year as Disney’s favourite wild characters come to life in the all new digitally restored release of The Jungle Book on Blu-ray and DVD.

The Jungle Book is a timeless classic from the golden age of animation, The Jungle Book follows the journey of Mowgli, a baby ‘man cub’ who is abandoned and discovered in the depths of the jungle. When the terrifying tiger Shere Khan sets out to capture some fresh prey Mowgli is banished to a human tribe for safety, but he won’t give up his jungle life without a fight! Along with his laid-back sloth bear buddy Baloo, Mowgli outsmarts the wicked python Kaa and befriends all sorts of jungle creatures, learning a song or two along the way! Ultimately however he must decide, does he really belong in the wild?

The last film to be produced by the late great Walt Disney, The Jungle Book is a must have addition to your Disney home entertainment collection, filled with never before seen bonus features. Get hypnotised by The Jungle Book all over again with a complete digital restoration and crystal clear high definition picture and sound for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD.

The Jungle Book is available now. 

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