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Battroborg Warrior

Battroborg Warrior

Customise, control and conquer with TOMY’s revolutionary Battroborg Warrior. Epic heroes from around the world assemble for an intense; weapon wielding, motion control battle experience and you determine the outcome.

Battroborg Warriors hit the Australian shelves this August, to the excitement of big and small kids alike. The next generation of battling robots gives users the chance to be in control of the action using infrared technology to sync the wireless remote to the futuristic warrior.

The innovative single-handed katana controller allows you to masterfully control your warrior around the battle arena. Feel the power radiate through you as you strike the single katana controller through the air: then watch as your action wirelessly controls your Battroborg Warrior in the arena. Unleash your warrior’s special moves including the Wild Cross, Moon Slash, Freeze and Auto Drone with ease and conquer your opponent by knocking them down with a solid strike of your warrior’s blade.

Battroborg Warriors are outfitted with interchangeable weapons and armour, with 12 pieces of easy snap on armour per warrior. Defend and arm your Ninja, Viking, Samurai or Knight with a battle axe, the katana sword, twin kamas, a crusader sword or the excalibur blade for the ultimate battle experience. The highly anticipated Battroborg Battle Arena set comes complete with two katana controllers, battle arena and both a single and double bladed warrior (RRP $89.95). Also available is the single player Samurai Pack including a robot with weapon, one katana controller and a training drone (RRP $39.95).

Battroborg Warriors are available at Big W, Myer, Target, Toys R’ Us, Toyworld and all good toy retailers.

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