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B*Witched: Interview with Lindsay Armou

B*Witched: Interview with Lindsay Armou

In addition to my conversation with Keavy Lynch of 1990s pop band B*Witched, I was also lucky to catch up with fellow musical artist, singer, dancer, actor and band member, the equally as angelic Lindsay Armou, to further discuss the upcoming fast selling-out Australian reunion tour and the possibility of sporting the double denim down under.

When we spoke, it was nearing her birthday too so I risked my questionable singing voice to extend my many happy returns.

Shane A. Bassett – Happy Birthday in advance for the 18th, I just wanted to give you best wishes and sing: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lindsay…”

Lindsay Armaou – Oh my, that’s so sweet, thank you. What a lovely way to start an interview, thank you (laughs).

Ticket sales have continued selling through the roof since recently speaking to Keavy.

LA – That makes me feel amazing, it’s apparent people really want to see us and the other bands. It will be a great night out for everybody.

How are final rehearsals?

LA – Set list is organised with hits and one or two surprises, can’t wait!

Will the beautiful song ‘The Stars are Ours’ be played?

LA – Oh you like that one. Perhaps (laughs), don’t want to give too much away. It was fun recording that EP which the song first appeared as we hadn’t been in a studio together for many years. It was daunting in some ways but not in others, being creative again was terrific.

Double denim I’m sure will make an appearance on you.

LA – You know what, we will be pulling out the double denim. That’s who we are really, what people remember. We have changed up our style a little so it’s nice to have the option (laughs). Back in the day, it was similar to a uniform to wear every day. Management at the time often said, wear it on your days off because people recognise you. My attitude was: ‘Seriously’! Tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt is me.

Did you keep much of your outfits or accessories from the early days?

LA – Yes two boxes in the attic titled ‘Lindsay’s Denim’ (laughs). Literally full of concert and photo shoot costumes. Taking it out recently to have a look, some of it is so intricate thanks to the stylist at the time making it so well, beading or detail in the crafting, so much work.

I am very happy to hear that they looked to be works of art.

LA – I know that’s what I mean, so fantastic. Denim has stood the test of time like us (laughs).

How do you feel now about being called retro-pop.

LA – Better than the vintage label I suppose. It’s fine, we are coming full circle and it’s pretty cool to be called that I think.

Will audiences see you and the girls in energetic mode while performing?

LA – Will still dance but now we wear heels instead of runners so the routines could be slightly different or toned down.

I remember a couple of books published covering the band in the 90s. Would there possibly be another in the works on this tour?

LA – Possibly, so much goes on behind the scenes and back then it was four and a half years of fitting so much in, it seemed like a decade of touring around the globe. We met so many people, did so many things, it was brilliant. We are about to do it all over again. This time it feels better there’s less pressure, back then the record company constantly pushed to reach chart sales success. It was so exhausting, it felt we often couldn’t fully appreciate some of the things we experienced. Now no added pressure, it’s more getting together for a little rehearsal, then dinner, then perform, then relax or travel until the next show.

Is classical music still important to you?

LA – It’s in my way of life in terms of it’s where it all started for me: playing piano from about six, having lessons as my parents knew how much I loved it which was my introduction to music, or classical pieces progressing to the guitar when 12 or 13 becoming a bit of a rocker (laughs). My dad being a musician, we had a lot of conversations about classical composition. It is very important to me, however, a wide variety of music is what I listen to every day.

With a Greek heritage, I thought maybe traditional classical may have come into play?

LA – (laughs) Yes Shane, I know I should have probably picked up the Bouzouki at some point but it never happened.

I have enjoyed your acting too, is that career path going to continue after the reunion tour?

LA – Thanks, definitely as I am in the middle of completing a Shakespeare course, pursuing two passions in my life as one basically is a privilege.

We might see you at the Old Vic performing a bit of Bard.

LA – Gosh, you never know (laughs).

Congratulations on your entire career and newfound success. Australia obviously can’t wait to see you girls return. Sydney concerts are February 11th and 12th but on Valentines Day, B*Witched is playing at Newcastle, the gig where I’ll be in attendance.

LA – Brilliant, I didn’t put two and two together so never thought of doing a show actually on Valentines Day. Cool, make sure you come say hello! Thanks Shane for the lovely chat.

Shane A. Bassett

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