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Cisco 200-301 Exam

Cisco 200-301 Exam: Explore New Details with Braindumps from Exam-Labs

Cisco is a leading certification vendor in the world of IT. Over the years, the organization has developed numerous credentials that have continued to evolve with changes and development in the field of Information Technology. As part of its commitment to keep the professionals abreast of innovation and rapid changes in the industry, Cisco has released a new CCNA program, which is designed to help the specialists validate their skills and knowledge in the ever-changing and ever-growing IT field. Cisco 200-301 is the newly introduced exam that will lead you to the award of a new CCNA certificate.

Prior to this period, CCNA basically covers wide domains, such as Routing & Switching, Collaboration, Data Center, Security, Service Provider, and so on. However, it has streamlined the domains in its certification program. Some of the new areas that have been added include Network Fundamentals, IP Connectivity, Automation, Programmability, Security Fundamentals, and Network Access. The new certification program is relevant, agile, and has gained an excellent reputation for itself as the pathway of the future.

Overview of New Cisco 200-301 Exam and Its Certification

The new Cisco 200-301 exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals in the ever-changing and ever-growing IT landscape. It covers different fundamentals under a single training program and test. The candidates have the opportunity to explore all these modules that we mentioned above as their career grows, and there is no doubt that this new CCNA certificate is a great foundation upon which the specialists can build their career paths. There are specific benefits that are associated with earning the new Cisco CCNA credential. These are highlighted below:

– The CCNA credential offers the perfect platform to launch a successful career in the field of IT.
– Automation, Security, and Programmability are wide concepts that provide extensive knowledge relating to the future requirements of a career in IT.
– The lab exams of new CCNA offer access to real-world experience.
– The certification is globally recognised; it can open doors of opportunities for an individual in any part of the world.
– It stands your resume out of the crowd.

Having looked at the general overview and the benefits associated with earning the new CCNA certification, let’s proceed to examine the changes in the associate level.

Core Areas of Cisco 200-301 Exam

Please note that the new Cisco 200-301 CCNA certification test will still be administered through Pearson VUE. The number of exam questions cannot be ascertained for now but you can expect between 60 to 70 with allocation time of 120 minutes. You can learn more about the certification test on the certification page.

The new Cisco exam will cover core areas that the candidates will have to develop competence in. These objectives are highlighted below:

Automation. This will cover the importance, application, and basics of automation.
IPConnectivity. The candidates will have to learn the basics of routing & switching under this topic.
IPFundamentals. This will cover the fundamentals and basics of networking.
Security. This basically covers the foundational knowledge in security. As you build on your knowledge and qualification, you will learn more about the scope of security.
NetworkAccess. The students will be equipped with the knowledge of how they can connect to a network.

It is important to mention that these are the core components that will constitute the new CCNA certification exam. There may be other related topics that will be incorporated into the content. Irrespective of the domain, the test takers will become the experts in the foundational knowledge and skills as highlighted above. Security and Automation will form a crucial part of every technology that would be learnt in the certification path. You do not have to worry about your preparation for these new exam areas. Exam-Labs will help you navigate through the study process. You will be able to find numerous resource tools on this platform that will help you attain success in your test. The website is full of premium and free materials for all Cisco exams, such as Q&As, study guides, video training courses, and braindumps.

Consolidation of CCNA Model

CCNA comprised of about eleven domains, which include Routing & Switching, Data Center, Security, Collaboration, etc. Having researched the value and the target of the CCNA program, Cisco has come to the conclusion that the core objective of the associate-level certification is to equip the interested candidates with skills in building a career in networking. This does not mean the credential is aimed at only fresh graduates from college or university. It is also the ideal choice for the software developers, the individuals coming from other industries, or the specialists with no background knowledge in the field of IT. The new CCNA certificate is intended for the junior-level professionals who are just starting their career in networking. But the professionals with two years of work experience in the field are also a target for this Cisco credential. The certification content seeks to equip the students with the fundamental knowledge and skills of the components and concepts of networking. Taking effect from February 2020, the new Cisco 200-301 exam will be a singular test that leads to the attainment of the CCNA certificate. The exam focuses on networking fundamentals.

What Will Happen to Your Current CCNA Certification?

This question has generated anxiety among the current CCNA certificate holders. This section of the certification guide will help you put your mind to rest. First, it is important to mention that there are two types of CCNA candidates: those who are already certified and those who are in the process of gaining a certificate. For those professionals who have already obtained their credential and those who will earn it before the cutoff date (February 24, 2020), they will be migrated to the new CCNA certification badge. The current certificate will remain valid until the period of your re-certification.


On February 24, 2020, Cisco is planning a lot of changes, and the CCNA program is one of them. After reading this article, we hope that your desire of earning the certification became even stronger, and if you didn’t think about it, do it now. Anyway, getting such a prestige and renowned certificate is a must-have nowadays.

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