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Diana Rouvas Interview

Diana Rouvas Interview

Diana Rouvas has come a long way since making it to the final eight on the first series of The Voice. She has signed with Universal Music, she has collaborated with ARIA-nominated songwriter/producer Louis Schoorl (Daniel Johns, The Veronicas, Tina Arena) and UK mixmaster Sermstyle, and now the Sydney-born vocalist, songwriter and self-confessed perfectionist is about to release her debut single, Heart of Goodbye. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we caught up with Diana Rouvas for a chat.

How did you get your start in the music industry?

My parents were both working musicians and singing teachers – so I grew up around it. I started training vocally very young and songwriting about 7. And started appearing on stage about 7, also in different talent quests and in my teens I performed with my parents. And then at 17 I ventured overseas with management – to pursue my solo career with many great opportunities and knock backs just the same! And have been on this path ever since!

Best part of what you do?

The best part of what I do is the reward of music itself. The healing, the joy, the sadness, the freedom of expression, the power it has to bring you to life, and the magic you feel when you create it. And being able to express that and share that and connect with people is pretty amazing. Music is a language – one that cares not about gender, race or beliefs – but focuses on exactly the truth of who we are and that we are all in fact connected. You can laugh and cry with people you’ve never even met.

And the worst part?

Over the years we make a lot of sacrifices! So it can be very tough financially and emotionally at times to follow such a dream. Because you will actually do whatever it takes – and often whatever it takes is a lot of knock backs, critics and you risk a lot. But you find the beauty in it when you in turn have the support in those times you never thought you’d have. So if you can see the light of it, that’s how you keep going. You give your gratitude for what is. Rather than what isn’t.

Any interesting experiences you can share?

Isn’t it ‘what happens on the road stays on the road’? Hey I couldn’t single out one – it’s always interesting!

Favourite album of all time and why?

Joni Mitchell – Blue. Two of my favourite songs are on that album “River” and “A Case Of You” – the woman speaks straight to you. The writing is just… real. She speaks about the light and the dark. The beautiful stuff life is.

Best live performance that you’ve ever seen?

There’s a lot of artists I would have LOVED to see live many moons ago. But to date, one I certainly remember is… maybe ten years ago now, I went to a Jason Mraz concert. It was acoustic – basically just him, his guitar and one other musician who did a few things. But he sang his butt off. He made us laugh. It was personal. It was musical. The guy didn’t miss a beat. It was organic. I left and thought I’d made a friend, haha.

Favourite bars/clubs/pubs to hang out in?

I don’t go out very much, haha. My focus is to stay healthy and work hard. So you won’t often see me out drinking and enjoying a bar. Rare occasions! I sound boring! I assure you I’m not! Haha, I enjoy to eat out…. I love to share a good feed!

Take us through a typical day in the life of Diana Rouvas. 

It varies of course. I get up and I attempt to get my cardio/training out of the way (I’m much better in the PM) and I get to whatever I have to do. Check the email and get on the phone and follow up whatever I need to see through things concerning my career. And I always fit in my own music practice. My scales and my writing at some stage. With writing though, I have to be in the right frame of mind obviously – it isn’t always easy. I move, basically, on whatever needs action.

What advice would you give to someone looking at getting involved in the music industry?

Ask questions, make sure you are across what is essentially YOUR LIFE. Educate yourself. Understand what you think as an artist you might not have to. Work at your craft until you think you’re the best you can be, and then KEEP working at it. Be a master of what you do. Respect yourself, respect your fellow musicians and the people in business. Follow your instincts. Not our egos, which of course we do need in life, but follow the TRUE voice inside you that often contradicts our ego, makes us admit we might be wrong at times. Ignore the negativity … anyone who ever did anything great didn’t please everybody and didn’t always follow the rules. And when people put you down, you let it go. This is YOUR STORY and it’s NEVER over, until you say. For you are the one writing it. Not them.

Any news or final comments?

Very excited to announce I will be releasing my debut single on the 25th of April (2014), which is available now for pre-order on itunes! And I have booked a Melbourne acoustic show on the 17th of April at the Wesley Anne in Northcote. With two special guests Jimmy Cupples and Sarah Martin (very raw and acoustic). And a full band show in Sydney at Gingers, the Oxford Hotel, Friday 9th May, where we’ll do the single and preview songs from my upcoming EP! And I am really looking forward. Literally, just forward, haha.

Heart of Goodbye is available now.

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