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An evening with Bill Nye

An evening with Bill Nye

Scientist Bill Nye, known as ‘The Science Guy’, has garnered a worldwide following for his take on creationism and sciences – and in February 2015 the American ‘edutainer’ will head Down Under for his first ever Australian tour.

Though, perhaps most notable for locking horns with creationists and global warming deniers, he recently cameoed in The Big Bang Theory. An advocate for evolution, he is most well-known for his work in science, engineering, education and as an inventor – all whilst donning his trademark bow-tie.

His talents and opinions have earned him 18 Emmy Award nominations, with seven wins under his belt for writing, performing and producing.

This February, An evening with Bill Nye, will see him on a mission to tackle numerous issues of scientific debate and prompt evolutionary-thought among young adults. He will take on climate realists as well as many recent scientific decisions made by Australia’s political leaders.

Bill Nye commented: “Australia needs scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future – we need engineers and innovators that can build products and solve problems. My Australian events are to encourage the next generation of leaders to take action in a way that our current leaders are not.”

Think Inc. – the team behind Dr Michio Kaku’s June 2014 Australian tour, and the upcoming December 2014, James Randi tour – is hosting Bill Nye The Science Guy to promote science-culture and evolutionary-thought among young Australian adults.

Think Inc. founder, Desh Amila, said: “We are thrilled to bring Bill Nye The Science Guy to Australia for his first ever Australian tour. Many Australians have grown up watching him on television, and now is the chance for those fans to meet their idol in person.”

Thursday 26 February | BCEC, Brisbane
Friday 27 February | MCEC, Melbourne
Saturday 28 February | Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
Monday 2 March | PCEC, Perth

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