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GoodnessMe Box

GoodnessMe Box

Australian’s are becoming increasingly savvy about how they shop and what they choose to put in their mouths, especially when it comes to healthy eating and snacking.

Riding the surge in the Food as Medicine philosophy, GoodnessMe Box (GMB), the innovative subscription health food box that’s taken Australia by storm, brings healthy eating and snacking that’s always natural and GMO-free directly to monthly subscribers’ doorsteps.

Packed with 5 – 10 nutritious and delicious food ingredients and snacks – which could include anything from coconut oil, gluten free muesli, kale chips and raw chocolate – depending on the month, the perfectly packed box delivers a surprise experience each time, engaging thousands of subscribers who instantly turn to social media to share its arrival.

“It’s become like a ritual for many of our subscribers – opening the box and instagramming their discovery immediately” says entrepreneur Peta Shulman, chief visionary and founder of GoodnessMe Box. “We receive thousands of Instagram posts per month from customers sharing their GMB experience with recipes and images which we continue to share on, to inspire others.

“Our real pleasure comes from seeing our subscribers getting excited about eating pure and wholesome food. That’s what inspires us each day”, Shulman shares in her gentle understated way that belies the meteoric success of the GoodnessMe Box concept that sees brands eager to book a space in the monthly mail out and calls from around the world from potential subscribers.

“Whether you’re on a grain free, gluten free, or low sugar diet, or if you just love unique health food products, there’s something in the subscription box for everyone” Shulman says.

Inspired by her own health issues, Shulman developed the idea based on her experience with food intolerances which were contributing to the state of her wellbeing. After realising that her own health could improve if she changed the way she ate, she undertook a nutrition-makeover with astounding results. Health issues which had plagued her for years, started to improve and so the GoodnessMe Box idea was born.

“What we put in our bodies, how active we choose to be and how we manage our stress, plays a fundamental role in how we feel. Ultimately, GMB was created out of a passion for eating clean, nourishing my body and to get others excited about living well” she says with a smile.

She says “GoodnessMe Box is a business with integrity and it is key that the customer can trust what has been carefully selected by our team of health practitioners for the box. Our aim is to provide our subscribers with not only food with integrity, but quality information and great service. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering” she says. And so is her belief and delight in her subscribers.

For this young out-of-the-box thinker, this vision of good health, like her own, shows surefire signs of longevity.


GoodnessMe Box, is a health food subscription box designed to get people excited about eating clean, nourishing their body with pure wholefoods and being a part of the wellness revolution!

Our aim is to provide food with integrity. We source only the highest quality health food brands that share our passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free and which are two or more of the following: Organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.

You can expect to get your hands on the latest and greatest superfood, wholefood bar, nut butter, kale chips, coconut oil, herbal tea, raw chocolate, natural protein powder, gluten free muesli and more!

We also offer our customers Gift Boxes for those with particular dietary requirements. Choose from the Paleo Box, Sugar Free Box, Coconut Lover Box or Boutique Box.


1. SIGN UP – Sign up to GoodnessMe Box to become a member
2. DISCOVER – 5-10 surprise health food goodies delivered to your door every month
3. REVIEW – After tasting the products you love, review to earn reward points
4. GET REWARDED – Your reward points go towards a bonus product in your next GoodnessMe Box

Sign up for $25 per month or save with a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription ($70, $135, $275 respectively).

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