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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

While waiting on Google Glass to pass its beta stage, you can try out Google’s Chromecast. Following Apple’s lucrative sale of its streaming boxes, Google is now tapping into the internet-streaming devices market. If you have a wireless modem at home and would like to maximise its functionality, consider getting Chromecast for US$35.

Working applications in Google Play store, you can use your Android or Windows device (with Chrome app installed) and stream it to your television with Chromecast via your wireless network. So you can watch your videos on television using your tablet without needing to convert files. While it sounds high tech, there are some downfalls reported by some reviewers.

First of all, it is not really cordless, because you might have to give the device an external power source. Secondly, if your wireless signal is weak, it will not give you a clear sound and picture quality. Of course, Apple’s iOS does not come into the picture yet. The good thing about the Chromecast is its ease to set up and use, like most of Google’s inventions. Whether you need it or not, that is another question.

Ailyn Koay

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