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Healthy Eating Rituals For Good Health

Healthy Eating Rituals For Good Health

Blackmores Influencer and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall shares her healthy eating rituals for good health.

What is your nutrition philosophy for good health?

Feeling good is really important to me. If I feel crappy, I go to work and don’t teach a good class and I’m not a nice person to be around, so I make it a priority to eat things that make me feel good. I eat pretty clean and tend to eat a largely pescetarian diet. If I’m out for dinner, I’ll eat meat but I don’t eat a lot of it because I feel like it doesn’t work well for me. Part of the practice of yoga is listening to your body, and meat just doesn’t work for me, when I really tune in to my body and listen to what it wants.

Can you talk us through some of your much loved meals?

I’m a bit of a routine kind of girl; I like my rituals and routines when it comes to eating.

– Morning – A typical day for me starts with a big glass of water before I sit down to meditate, and then breakfast is usually a really hearty smoothie. We’re really lucky to have Orchard St just across the road from my work and they do great smoothies. If I make it myself I’ll add in things like spinach, chia seeds, banana and coconut water so it’s quite filling.

– Morning tea is a handful of nuts, and lunch might be a takeaway vegan salad from Orchard St. They do this awesome Buddha bowl salad with half an avocado and loads of cabbage, spinach and seaweed. Quite often I’ll add some extra protein like grilled fish.

– Afternoon tea is a piece of fruit or a protein bar, but it has to be a pretty clean one.

– Dinner is really simple – one of my go-to dishes involves steaming my favourite vegetables like squash, asparagus, bok choy and red onion, putting them in a bowl (because everything tastes better in a bowl!), then mixing in half an avocado, some hummus, fresh fish and cayenne pepper or chilli flakes. Stir that all up and it creates a beautiful, creamy bowl of deliciousness. I am getting more and more experimental with my cooking.

Do you have any favourite healthy eating cookbook authors?

I love Lola Berry’s cookbooks and Jess Sepel has got some good recipes too.

What do you eat when you’re eating out?

If I’m eating out, I choose the fresher, closer to the earth options on the menu. For instance, if I’m at an Italian restaurant I might order the fish dish. I also love Japanese, Vietnamese and tapas.

What are your top three favourite superfoods and how do you incorporate them into your diet?

I love the Blackmores Matcha Green Tea Superfoods Powder; it’s a great little mid-morning pick-me-up. I put it into my drink bottle with water and have it cold – too easy! I also love the Blackmores Coconut Water Superfoods Powder because it keeps me hydrated in between teaching classes, as I can get quite parched from talking. I’ll drink it in water or put in my smoothie. My other favourite superfood is chia seeds, which go into my smoothies. I also sprinkle them on salads and dinners. I can use them three times a day if I really want to!

Do you have a yummy smoothie recipe you can share?

I love this Mixed Matcha + Green Tea Smoothie (Gluten Free + Dairy Free)

1x tablespoon of Blackmores Matcha Green Tea
1x frozen banana
1 x handful of spinach
½ apple chopped
4x slices of cucumber
2x mint sprigs – leaves only
200ml of almond milk
150ml of coconut milk
50ml of water
Add all ingredients to a blender and serve! Delicious.

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