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HopShopGo launches ahead of Christmas shopping!

HopShopGo launches ahead of Christmas shopping!

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a worldwide boost in e-commerce. Here in Australia, being stuck inside during multiple lockdowns meant we became used to shopping for everything online. It also meant we became exposed to a worldwide market of online goods. But there’s nothing more disappointing than discovering a must-have product that is only available on a US online store that does not ship to Australia.

That’s where HopShopGo can help. HopShopGo is an international shipping service that allows customers to buy from any US website and ship their packages to their home.

HopShopGo creates security for customers through an exclusive partnership with PayPal. Customers can sign up through their PayPal account to receive a US shipping address. This address is entered at the checkout of US online stores. Next, notifications will be sent to the customer as soon as their purchases arrive at their HopShopGo US address. Using their HopShopGo account, they can manage how they want to ship their US purchases to their doorstep.

“HopShopGo makes it possible to buy American brands from anywhere in the world,” explains Danny Lim, CEO of HopShopGo, “During recent lockdowns, we saw that more people were trying to buy international brands but weren’t able to do so due to the restrictions of some online stores.”

Benefits of using HopShopGo:

– Worry free transactions: HopShopGo uses PayPal Buyer Protection for safe purchases, and members can receive refunds for eligible orders.

– Sales tax free shopping: Members pay no sales tax (save up to 10%) on their purchases thanks to their US shipping address.

– Solutions to payment restrictions: Gain access to stores that don’t accept non-US-issued credit cards with the BuyForMe service. 

– Fast and trackable delivery: Receive packages in as fast as three business days with DHL’s and Fed-Ex’s door to door delivery service. 

– Best value: Enjoy the cheapest international air freight rates in the market.

– More savings: Members get to earn more savings on shipping costs by availing consolidation and repacking services such as OneBox, which can help reduce overall shipping weight by up to 80%.

The platform has arrived in Australia in time for Aussie shoppers to take advantage of the biggest US Sales Events such as today’s Cyber Monday sales. Customers can use HopShopGo’s BuyForMe service on stores that don’t accept Australian issued credit cards. With HopShopGo, Australians can easily shop specials and exclusives from popular stores like Walmart, Macy’s, and BestBuy.

If you’re looking to get on top of your Christmas shopping, head to HopShopGo today!

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