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Top 7 Tips for Travelling Alone

Top 7 Tips for Travelling Alone

While travelling alone, you don’t depend on the mood of fellow travellers. You don’t have to consult with anyone and agree on plans. You don’t need to wait for anyone and make compromises. Here’s how to travel with the most interesting fellow traveller in the world – by yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be on Your Own

If you have never travelled without a companion, don’t miss a chance to be alone with yourself, don’t deprive yourself of this useful experience. On such trips, amazing things happen. You’ll learn to follow your desires, stop looking back at others and focus on what’s important to you because there are no people around whose opinion matters at all. You’ll discover what’s interesting to you because you won’t have to go to a museum just because a buddy wants you to. You’ll find out who you really care about, who you miss, and who you want to go back to. You’ll get used to managing your finances more wisely and taking responsibility for your life.

Download Useful Mobile Apps

Of course, some useful services, like Bizzo Casino, are available via your browser. But to have everything at hand, you should download maps to your phone of all the places you’re going to stay as well as guides, routes to quickly find the right transportation, a currency converter, and a translator. It’s good when these services work offline.

Plan Your Itinerary

Remember, you have no one to lean on on this trip, so try to avoid trouble and misunderstandings. Plan your itinerary well in advance, buy all the tickets and book hotels. If you are in transit, leave more time for transfers, so that you do not have to hurry to look for lodging in an unfamiliar city.

Remember about safety. Arrive at hotels before dawn, especially when you are not sure if your hotel is in a “good” neighborhood. If you have a night departure, in some cities, it’s better to plan your time so that you arrive at the airport early and spend a few hours in the terminal, or call a cab, even if it doesn’t cost much at all.

Share Plans With Friends

Make a detailed travel plan, listing all the hotels you are going to stay in and all the flights you will take. Share it with family and friends.

When travelling in remote areas where there may not be internet, make an agreement about the days and hours that you can contact them, and always adhere to this schedule.

Be Spontaneous

Sometimes it’s good to change plans! If you like the city – stay there longer. Already at the train station and regret that you didn’t have time to see something interesting? Change your tickets! Fortunately, you do not need to consult with anyone. It’s all in your hands – modern technology allows you to replay the plans for a few minutes. Just don’t forget to inform your friends and family about the itinerary change.

If something goes wrong, don’t waste time on remorse. A trip must have an element of surprise, otherwise it will cease to be an adventure.

Check Bank Cards

Before you travel, call the bank and check that all plastic cards are active and can be used to pay abroad. Sometimes banks prohibit transactions in some countries by default.

Keep in Touch

Find out if you can use the Internet on the trip, how the hotel and local restaurants are doing with Wi-Fi. It’s worth buying a local SIM card or signing up for a special roaming plan.

Deposit money on your mobile account and try to have at least a couple thousand rubles left over. Don’t forget that roaming charges are usually delayed; you won’t notice how you’ll lose money and your phone will be disconnected.

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