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The Magic Quilt

The Magic Quilt

Children will love The Magic Quilt, a picture book about a boy who discovers the secret magic hidden in the patchwork quilt his mum has made for him. When Toby is feeling sad, his quilt takes him on magical journeys under the sea, up to a storm cloud and even clicketty-clacking along on a life-size toy train!

The Magic Quilt is written by Katie Sokolic in easy-to-read rhyme.  Beautiful and colourful illustrations have been provided by the author’s father, Glenn Sokolic.

The book was inspired by the author’s children and their love of the patchwork quilts she made them.

Patchwork quilts are making a comeback and their colourful designs are finding their way into many homes and children’s bedrooms. There is something so comforting about a patchwork quilt. One of the wonderful things about The Magic Quilt is that children can not only enjoy the story but also have the opportunity to treasure their very own Magic Quilt, made by their mum, just like Toby!

The Magic Quilt is available now.

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