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OPA! By Alexandra Voulgari

OPA! By Alexandra Voulgari

A good Greek girl does not disobey her parents. A Good Greek girl accepts the proxy marriage the arrange for her. Above all, a good Greek girl does not lose her virginity to someone who isn’t her husband!

Alexandra Voulgari did all of this and more, and she writes about it in Opa: This is My Story, a hilarious but often moving memoir about dreams gone awry. There is a saying in Greek: Poutana zoe! Translation: ‘Life’s a bitch!’ And what a bitch life can be, if, like Alexandra, you’re born female and Greek! Headstrong, opinionated, and always at odds with her Greek parents, Alexandra left Australia at the age of 20 to travel to Greece—the country of her birth. There, she started the long journey of reconciling Greek tradition with an Australian way of life.

Love, tragedy, tradition and culture, men, divorce, death, and peace. This book has it all … an endearing story of one woman’s life with all of its many twists and turns.


Alexandra Voulgari was born on the island of Samos and migrated to Australia with her parents and older brother when Australia opened its doors to Greek migrants in the 1950s and 1960s. Although Australia is now her adopted country, she still has a deep affection for the island and country of her birth and visits often. Greek music, Greek food and writing are her passions. This is Alexandra’s first book.

OPA! is available now.

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