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Poor Toms turn Sin into Gin

Poor Toms turn Sin into Gin

Hello, sinner. What’s wrong? Is something weighing you down? Have you been smearing your sins all over town? Never fear, confess to Poor Toms and wash away your sins with gin… 

Boutique Sydney Gin brand Poor Toms is bound to raise some eyebrows this silly season with its invite to the general public to confess their deepest, darkest sins in return for Poor Toms Gin.

By calling 1800 GINSUS, you will be directed to a special hotline set up to capture our most intimate and shameful sins. No sin will be ignored. No sin not listened to. All will be recorded and considered for upload at

Better still, a mythical character called GINSUS will accepts gin drinkers confessions and in return will bless them by rewarding them with Poor Toms Gin. Only the most mouthwatering sins will be rewarded with Poor Toms limited edition pink strawberry gin plus other equally fruity pickings.

The gin is handcrafted in small batches from Australian wheat spirit and features fresh green apple, native strawberry gum-leaf, and chamomile.

“We’ve gone for a fairly subtle, fruity, fresh, floral flavour that makes it easy to drink a double – a triple even,” explains Griffin Blumer, Co Founder, “Dangerously easy, some would say.”

To begin confessing your sins, just call 1800 GINSUS. Upon hearing the machine’s beep, repeat the words, “forgive me 1800GINSUS for I have sinned” and spill your confession.

Launched in 2014, Poor Toms is Australia’s newest and most authentic gin brand. Brewed in Sydney’s Inner West, Poor Toms is inspired by its wandering English namesake as well as Sydney’s debaucherous and sin-filled past.

Look out for specially tagged bottles of Poor Toms in your local bar or liquor vendor.

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