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Skylight Home Calendar Launched in Australia

Skylight Home Calendar Launched in Australia

Following the success of the popular Skylight Frame, Skylight have just launched their latest innovation into the Australian market – The Skylight Calendar.

The company’s mission to make family life easier and more connected should certainly be realised with The Skylight Calendar with many families managing their own schedules with kids’ classes, extracurricular activities, work obligations and more.

The Skylight Calendar was thoughtfully designed with busy families in mind, providing parents and kids an effective way to communicate about, as well as organise their schedules through an easy-to-use display in their home. Think of it as a re-imagining of the paper calendars and whiteboards that families have used to stay organised for decades.

The Skylight Calendar is a touchscreen, WiFi-connected digital display that syncs with existing digital calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook and helps parents and kids to coordinate schedules in a way where everyone can see them. It eliminates the need for multiple calendars and planners, creating a central hub in the home with a 15-inch display screen, 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, and colour coding for each respective family member’s individual events.

In addition to communicating and aligning family schedules, it also includes a chore list that helps parents and kids stay on top of to-do’s around the house, a grocery list that everyone can add to, and a weekly meal planner. A companion mobile app allows everyone in the family to see their appointments, grocery list, and meal plan while on the go.

Skylight Home Calendar Launched in Australia

The Skylight Calendar Features

Chore Chart: Encourage healthy habits and autonomy with the interactive Chore Chart that transforms routine tasks into rewarding accomplishments.

Colour Coding: Assign each family member their own colour, making it simple for everyone to see who needs to be where and when.

Mobile App: Manage and access everything on your Skylight from anywhere with the mobile app.

Custom Lists: Streamline and manage tasks, to-dos, and groceries with custom lists that the whole family can access directly on the device or on the go in the free mobile app.

Meal Planning: Display your family’s meal plan and never answer “what’s for dinner?” again.

Customised Views: Adjust font size and toggle between day, week, month, and schedule view.

Share Access: Invite your spouse, co-parenting partner, kids, and close friends to access your Calendar.

Sleep Mode: Ensure your Skylight screen goes to sleep at the same time each night and wakes up at the same time each morning.

Skylight products are recognised for their simplicity and ease of use, making it the go-to brand for families who want products that even non-tech savvy members can use. That absolutely applies to The Skylight Calendar which will help families stay organised in every area of their lives with a touch-screen that calendars work, play, chores, grocery lists and more all in one place.

The Skylight Calendar is now available in Australia.

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