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Survey Reveals Healthy Lunch Dilemma

In an increasingly stressed-out society, the need to eat healthy food is more important than ever – but a recent survey has revealed people are too busy to make healthy choices.

The survey*, commissioned by Soul Origin, shows nearly 70% of people don’t bring a homemade lunch to work every day, saying they lack the time to prepare it. However, 85% of respondents admitted that if bringing lunch from home, the meal is more likely to be healthy than if they bought it from local food outlets.

89% of people surveyed agreed that the busier they are, the more important eating healthily is, although 73% of people said that the busier they are, the less likely they are to make healthy choices. Over three-quarters of people surveyed said they had tried to make a lifestyle change and pre-prepare their lunch each day, however for over half of those people, this change lasted only a few weeks or less.

“What we’re seeing is that people want to be healthy – and actually need to be, the busier they get – but the irony is, they don’t have the time,” says Soul Origin’s Chris Mavris.

Healthiness was the biggest priority for people when choosing lunch on the go, with over 36% of them listing it as their top concern, and freshness being the biggest factor for people when considering what “healthy” meant to them. However, over 90% of respondents also look for a quick choice where they can pay and go in under ten minutes rather than a la carte options that could mean up to a 15 minute wait.

“Over 40% of our respondents only take 10-30 minutes for a lunch break each day, with less than 15% taking 45 minutes or over. They know they need to make a healthy choice at lunchtime, but it also needs to be quick, as they don’t have time to wait around for a fresh, healthy meal,” Mavris says.

“With so many lives lived increasingly in the fast lane, people need an on-the-go solution for eating healthily. There are so many fast food outlets full of unhealthy offerings, but Soul Origin provides ‘healthy fast food’ – sandwiches full of fresh ingredients and a huge array of delicious salads, all ready to go in minutes.” I / Instagram: @soulorigin
*Based on a survey audience of 116 respondents.

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