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The Scope of Fraud in the Online Poker World

The Scope of Fraud in the Online Poker World

When it comes to gambling, whether it’s online or offline, there is a certain amount of cheating involved in it. The fraudulent activities can be carried out by both the players and the casino owners as well, each to their own advantage.

Poker is one such game in which cheating is commonly seen. It’s not just the online poker game but even during offline poker gambling, similar tricks are used to con the punters. Hence, we suggest you check some authentic and new online casinos in Australia to play poker games.

But, how do players usually get tricked at poker games? Find out below.


Ghosting is basically taking help from a friend or any other person secretly. This is easily possible in online poker through other applications such as Skype etc. It is difficult for the online casinos or any other players to catch you ghosting.

Your helping hand is also a part of the game that you are playing, and they can see all the moves happening in the game. So, they view the game, understand it and then help you to win. Hence, during live poker tournaments, ghosting is not allowed.

Automated Bots

Poker is a skill game which can be won through understanding and practising it. It involves mathematical calculations that help you win as well. While not many humans are so quick in calculations, it is surely the opposite in the case of automated bots. Automated bots can play instead of humans during the online poker game. Other human players cannot identify the involvement of such bots.

A player can make use of these bots to help them win the poker games. So, if there is any player at the table who is continuously winning and is playing for a long time, there is a chance that he/she is getting help from the bots. Moreover, it is obvious and difficult for other human players to beat the automated bots at the game.


When two or more punters at the poker table conspire and team up to help one of them to win the game, it is known as Collusion. So here the other players purposely lose and increase the pot amount throughout the game. This way, only one person ends up winning the money. They can later divide the money amongst themselves. Furthermore, during collusion activities, the players involved can all gang up on one player (who is not their team member) to exclude him from the game.

Multiple Casino Accounts

Although all casinos warn punters against creating multiple accounts, some players still create these accounts with the intention of cheating. They even try to grab the welcome offer multiple times using these different accounts.

With multiple accounts involved, a player can play multiple hands at one online poker game. This is again difficult for the online casinos and other players to know all who are involved in the game. So, for a single-player knowing 2-3 hands at a game can be advantageous to him. He can even win the game by such tactics.

How Do Casinos Tackle Such Frauds?

Online casinos try their best in every possible way to avoid such misdealings. They warn beforehand against creating multiple accounts by a single player. They check the user’s IP address, email address, home address, banking details, identity and other important aspects to make sure a single player is creating only one online casino account.

Also, if any player is caught cheating, the casinos have the right to suspend their account or accounts altogether. They even ban that particular player from using their site in future.

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