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Alex Bowen Q&A

Alex Bowen Q&A

How did you get your start in the music industry?

I started playing support shows for Paul Kelly and Richard Clapton, and some local festivals with my school band when I was around 15. When I left school, my music kind of stayed in the garage for a while and I was into some heavier music back then. I played in a few different bands on the Australian gig circuit before I finally felt it was the right time to take it under my own name. It was really exciting to see how fast the name caught on, and I feel the music really connects with people. Until recently, I had done all the behind the scenes work, such as Booking Agent, management, marketing etc, on my own. This really gave me a good sense of knowledge of how the Australian scene works.

Best part of what you do?

There’s so many great things about being a musician and I love life on the road and living out of my van on a different beach every day. I would have to say that the best thing about what I do is being able to connect with people and fuel different emotions into the audience with my music. A special moment is when I’m playing a love song and I see couples in the audience look at each other and relate to what I’m singing, that’s a great feeling for me.

And the worst part?

The hardest part about being on the road is being away from my girlfriend, family and friends for a long period.

Any interesting experiences you can share?

My first ever show was a support slot for Paul Kelly, to be 15 and having a chat and a cup of tea backstage with an Australian iconic singer-songwriter like that was very very surreal.

Favourite album of all time and why?

That is an extremely hard question and I’m not sure if I have just one. I would probably say Michael Jackson’s album ‘Dangerous’ from 1991 would have to be up there for me. He is one of the biggest influences, and the music is timeless and I love an album where I can’t hear which song would be the hit single but all songs being individually solid.

Best live performance that you’ve ever seen?

One of the best live performances that I have recently seen was at Byron Bay Bluesfest this year by ‘Allen Stone’. Allen is a serious entertainer, and had the audience in the palm of his hand from the first note. I went to the show not knowing who he was and he absolutely blew me away.

Favourite bars/clubs/pubs to hang out in?

My local pub The Grand Junction in Maitland is top of the list. Always great music, generally a blues / soul kind of vibe, and it’s one of those venues/pubs that feels like everyone is family. A place that gave me my first start on the gig scene too.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Alex Bowen.

At the moment, I’m on a solo tour, so everything is very relaxed and all my shows are generally coastal and near the beach. I’m currently living out of my tour van and surfing everyday, and all this free time on the road is giving me a lot of time to work on some new tunes which is really exciting as I went through two months without writing any new music.

Any news or final comments?

I am in the motions of setting up tours in Japan & Europe in 2014 around May, and there may be a new single out beforehand.

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