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Kids aren’t the only ones who love frozen slushy drinks.

For all the grownups who’ve been asking for a slightly bigger, slightly more sophisticated version of the original CHILL FACTOR™ Slushy Maker… there is now the CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Twist. It’s kind of like the kids’ favourite Slushy Maker, but bigger and a bit more sophisticated. So now adults can cool down on a hot afternoon with a cool, refreshing beverage too.

Use the CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker to create instant frozen drinks and cocktails out of any chilled drinks you have at home. Just add your favourite chilled drink to the frozen CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Twist and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! In less than a minute, you’ll have a delicious frozen slushy delight!

Available in four cool colours, CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker is quick, convenient, easy-to-use and ready to make iced coffees, super-chilled smoothies or even a cocktail or two!

The CHILL FACTOR™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker is available now from Dan Murphy’s and BIG W (RRP: $19.99).

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