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Everything To Live For

Everything To Live For

By Turia Pitt.

Turia’s courage captured the heart of Australia; now she tells the harrowing story of her accident and her miraculous path to recovery

 ‘On Friday 2 September 2011, at the age of twenty-four, while competing in an ultramarathon in the beautiful Kimberley region of Far North Western Australia, my life changed forever.’

Just a week earlier Turia had graduated from her mining degree, a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Then, caught by fire in a remote gorge in the Kimberley, Turia had nowhere to run. Turia survived the horrific incident and was air-lifted to hospital, however she had suffered catastrophic burns to 65% of her body. Her doctors were prepared for the worst; they’d never seen a patient with such severe burns live.

Everything to Live For is not only the terrifying and painful account of Turia’s accident, but an uplifting story of strength and one woman’s fight against the odds to survive. Drawing on the love of her family and partner Michael, gifted and dedicated medical professionals and the support of her small community, Turia started her fight back to health. When 60 Minutes told Turia’s story, that support network expanded across the country. Legions of fans have fallen in love with Turia, found inspiration in her determination and watched in anticipation of the next chapter of Turia’s fight.

Turia’s strong character is why we love her – and that voice shines clearly in Everything To Live For. She proves herself again to be a formidable force, smart and tough and she pulls no punches. Her story will make you laugh and cry. It will inspire you. Everything to Live For is a remarkable story of courage, hope, perseverance. Turia Pitt is a truly exceptional woman. ‘Turia Pitt is the strongest person I know. Her story is inspirational. You’ll be embarrassed by your daily gripes and complaints when you realise what Turia goes through every day to rebuild her life.’ Michael Usher, 60 Minutes. 

Everything To Live For is available now.

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