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Famous Slot Game Cheaters

Famous Slot Game Cheaters

Slot games are exciting, aren’t they? They involve lots of loud noises and flashing lights, sometimes there is even a theme to enjoy as well as bonus games that require a little more skill than the base game itself. And of course, there are the prizes. Some of those wins can total well up in the hundreds of thousands. Million plus prizes are not unheard of. So although playing slots is meant to be a fun pastime, it can also become something of an obsession for those looking to become instantly rich. Because of this, cheaters will always try to take the prize for themselves: play here.

Of course, most slot cheaters are caught pretty much straight away – or they give up because they realise that modern machines (online and offline) are just too sophisticated for most people to be able to cheat at. Yet that isn’t always the case. Let’s find out more.

Murat Bliev

It has to be said, it’s almost impossible to cheat the system and win money by foul means in a modern day slot game. The RNG (random number generator) system is too difficult to crack. Yet we say ‘almost’ became a 37 year old Russian man named Murat Bliev did – along with some associates – manage to win big on the slots as recently as 2014.

It all took place initially at the Lumiere Place Casino in St Louis. The accountants realised that their slot machines were paying out a lot more than they usually did, and had done so over a period of two to three days before going back to normal. No huge jackpots were won, but more pay outs had occurred nonetheless.

When the CCTV footage was checked, it looked as though the majority of the money was going to just one man, and he was only playing games made by the Australian company Aristocrat Leisure. When he played, he would hold his iPhone close to the game. After a while he would walk away and then return a little while later, at which point he would win. He would play fairly normally (except that he hovered over the spin button and jab at it suddenly). Over the course of two days, he netted $21,000.

Other casinos soon started noticing a similar pattern – they checked their footage, and found other players doing the same thing as Murat Bliev.

So what was it all about? It turns out, the players were recording about two dozen spins on the games they were playing and then sending that information back to their cheating headquarters. The RNG pattern was discovered and a list of timing markers were sent back to the cheater’s phone. All they then had to do was to jab the spin button at the right time to net a small fortune.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael added his name to the roll call of cheaters due to slot machines. He has even been imprisoned for what he did. It all began in 1980 – Carmichael used a metal device that he would put into the slot machine, making it think that a coin had been inserted. It would trigger the game without Carmichael having to pay anything at all.

Eventually, as slots became more updated, the device no longer worked. So Carmichael started to use smaller casinos in Las Vegas; they still had the older machines as it cost a lot to update them. However, it was at this time he was caught, and sent to prison for five years. When he was released in 1987, Carmichael clearly had not learnt his lesson, and he started cheating again. To do so, he had to buy a slot machine and really learn how it all worked. Knowing this, he created a ‘slider’ which worked in a similar way to his previous device. He even sold it to other cheaters! However, he was caught again in 1996, 1998, and 1999 and was jailed. He is now banned from any casino, although he does make a living working with casinos to prevent other cheats!

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