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Period Planning: How to Prepare For Your Period While Abroad

Period Planning: How to Prepare For Your Period While Abroad

For many uterus owners, having a period while travelling sounds like a nightmare rather than something you can stay on top of. It brings connotations of discomfort and inconvenience, and for some people, dredges up memories from periods gone by that may not have gone smoothly on the go. However, there are ways to minimise mishaps, pain and supply shortages before you jet off, and our list of tips will help you do that confidently.

Start with a good pair of underwear

The foundation of your jet-setting outfit is of paramount importance, especially if you are already menstruating when you leave. You will want to opt for a garment that fits well without being restrictive, and this leakproof period underwear that boasts three quick-dry, breathable layers fit the bill without breaking the bank. Period underwear, as a concept, has surged in popularity as it revolutionises how we do periods, doing away with the need for disposable sanitary products if the user chooses, and offering anti-leak confidence that regular underwear simply doesn’t.

Pack your kit accordingly

Keep your period kit in tow, and in easy reach while you move. Firstly, pack everything you may need on the go, from extra underwear to pads and tampons, wipes and pain relievers depending on your preferences. Secondly, make sure your kit is easily accessible to minimise panic or find yourself frazzled without what you need. Keep it in your carry-on or backpack and stow it in the overhead locker while you fly, or nearby if travelling locally while abroad.

Choose comfy clothes (and footwear)

Harking back to sensible underwear, it is similarly important to choose comfy clothes (and footwear) while travelling. The last thing anybody wants while on their period is to feel restricted, especially in the tummy area where bloating and pain typically occur during this time of the month. Keeping that in mind, opt for something like a pair of track pants that will afford you comfort as well as the benefits of activewear, like moisture-wicking. Additionally, comfortable shoes for walking are a must while adventuring.

Stay hydrated

We have all heard the praises of drinking water and staying hydrated, but did you know it’s extra crucial while menstruating? This study suggests drinking sufficient water might decrease the severity of PMS-related cramping, painkiller usage and even menstrual duration. Flushing our bodies with water is a good way to combat bloating, which in turn can make cramping worse. Additionally, drinking hot water can both increase blood flow and relax muscles, thus relaxing uterine cramping too.

Make yourself familiar with your surroundings

In some cultures and religions around the world, menstruation is a topic of conversation that remains taboo. It’s important to be well-versed in the culture of your destination surrounding periods, as this can impact the accessibility of certain period products, places you can go while menstruating, or other practices you need to be aware of. For instance, in some Asian and African areas, access to disposable tampons is limited. In other places, menstruating women cannot enter kitchens or temples. Inform yourself before travelling, and keep yourself abreast of where your nearest supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores are for stocking up.

Fit some gentle exercise into your itinerary 

Days can get busy whilst travelling, however, making room for some gentle movement in your routine is beneficial while having your period. Something as light as yoga or stretching early in the morning, or a walk around the local park, can help reduce cramping and period pain which might otherwise interrupt your vacation and eat up a day or two. That being said, it’s okay to rest and take it easier on days you might not be feeling up to an adventurous hike or sightseeing. Perhaps opt for shopping, or dining in with room service.

Globetrotting on your period doesn’t have to be daunting, difficult or uncomfortable. It’s as simple as making small preparations before your departure that can mean the difference between being caught short on the go versus a breezy holiday with plenty of fun. Ensure you’ve got everything packed and in easy reach throughout your trip, do your homework about where you’ll be exploring, and most importantly, remember to rest when you need to.

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