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Finn Poké opens in Sydney

Finn Poké opens in Sydney

From Byron to Burleigh, Finn Poké has conquered some of Australia’s most beloved beachside locations. Now, Queensland’s freshest poké bowls have swapped the sand for the city, opening their first Sydney location in Westfield Pitt Street. Since Jem Jacinto first opened Finn Poké in Byron Bay in 2017, the casual eatery has bowled over Queenslanders. Inspired by Jem’s Hawaiian upbringing, Finn Poké’s creations are Instagram ready bowls of nourishment and deliciousness.

What was first a staple in the diets of Hawaiian fisherman, poké bowls have rapidly become the must-eat health craze in Australia.  As such, Jem says that it was a “no brainer” to introduce Australia’s pristine coastline to their authentic range.  Served on a bed of rice, buckwheat noodles or salad, Finn Poké bowls pair a variety of seasonal garnishes and fragrant sauces with fresh protein and sashimi style seafood sourced directly from those who catch it.

The Jacinto’s have curated a list of 10 signature dishes inspired by the flavours of the traditional Hawaiian style creations. The Salmon Finn, combining nori furlkaka and classic shoyu, The Spicy Chook, with edamame and spicy siracha mayo, and The Big Katuna, with local tuna, seaweed and crispy onion, have become mainstays across Finn Poke’s venues. For those looking to craft their bowl, the chefs at Finn Poke will guide each customer to ensure the best combination of protein, sauce and grain is achieved.

“The difference between us and your run-of-the-mill poké joint is that we’re chef-driven,” Jem says. “We are not your typical poké bowl place. We are a more premium offering without the price tag. All our food is a healthier choice, we don’t use much oil, nothing’s fried. I would say our fish is comparable to top sashimi restaurants.”

Before their launch in Pitt Street Westfield’s 5th Floor Dining Hall, Finn Poké were ready to combat the seasonal chill. Uniting with the headchef of New York’s esteemed Fig & Olive, Pascal Lorange, Finn Poké have reinvented the poke bowl with two winter warming bowls: The Shroom Noodle Soup, with five types of exotic mushroom, and Steak Bowl, made with grass-fed Aussie Beef.

Even with four venues around Australia, Finn Poké remains committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and supporting local producers and fisheries.

“It’s important to us to be a sustainable business too. We take from the ocean so we need to give back and be responsible. All of our tuna is wild, line caught in Queensland and NSW. All the salmon here is farmed so we’ve chosen a farm that is certified, sustainable and has good practices. Our packaging is also 99% reusable, plastic free and biodegradable”. 

Skip the poké queue and download the App for iPhone and Google Play.  Keep up with the freshness @finnpoke_

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