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FlipOut is the new and exciting way to get fit, be active and have fun with the whole family. FlipOut Trampoline Arena is a childhood fantasy come true, with the indoor and outdoor entertainment parks featuring wall to wall trampolines –  meaning you can jump, bounce and flip your way to a healthier, happier you.

Way more fun than the gym, a few minutes of jumping on the trampoline is better than a 1 kilometre run! Train at FlipOut to achieve greater balance, coordination, agility and build overall fitness – whilst enjoying the freefall exhilaration of extreme trampolining.

This exciting entertainment for all ages allows you to work your way through the foam pits, ball games, skate ramps, Parkour and many more surprises for the young and the young at heart to enjoy.

Promoting well being and complete enjoyment satisfaction, FlipOut was created to amuse and encourage exercise in the whole family.

A healthy alternative to electronic entertainment, FlipOut holds kid’s ninja classes “Little Ninja’s” for the energetic youngsters who want to flip, twist and move like a real ninja. They also have agility training for young people aged 15 and up to increase the body’s flexibility, balance and learn how to do flips and tricks –  no matter how old you are.

Unlike the traditional backyard trampoline, the FlipOut trampoline arena structures are industrially made to withstand normal wear and tear of commercial use. Made water resistant for indoor and outdoor arenas,  the trampoline parks are an all weather entertainment solution.

With over 21 FlipOut Trampoline Arena’s in Australia and just $14 per person for an hour of exhilarating and addictive fun, FlipOut is the must do healthy entertainment for all ages.

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