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Go To The Sawce For The Future Of Shopping For Your Home

Go To The Sawce For The Future Of Shopping For Your Home

An emerging trend to online shopping that accelerated over the past two years shows no real signs of slowing down as we move into 2022.

Even as people return to bricks and mortar stores, busy lives means that many people will increasingly use websites for shopping – and more so for browsing. That is particularly the case when it comes to furnishings and fit outs, with a new survey finding most people use the internet for inspiration and to research ideas and products.

A recent survey for online furnishings and fit out marketplace found that most people who are looking to update or renovate their homes turn to the internet, with 75% of respondents citing websites as their source for inspiration when choosing a new look or style.

The survey found a vast majority (94%) of people had visited at least three websites before they made a purchase, with 54% visiting at least five sites and 19% visiting 10 or more websites. Almost everyone – 96% of respondents – said they would have liked to view a wide range of quality furniture and furnishings from different retailers on the one website.

And many people are wanting to start the New Year on a positive note with a fresh new look for their homes. The survey found the loungeroom or living area was the area most people (61%) want to upgrade, followed by the garden/outdoor area (53%), while both the kitchen and bedroom ranked equal at 42%, bathroom 37% and study 27%.

But wanting or deciding to update or renovate is one thing – how is another. In particular, where to look for inspiration and find the right style and products. The survey found while 39% of people like a consistent style throughout their house, 61% prefer to mix and match styles.

Among people who preferred a particular style, 38% liked contemporary, 21% Hamptons, 19% minimalist and 17% Scandi. Almost three quarters (74%) of people prefer a mix of both online and in-store purchases, and 84% had made an online furnishing purchase. is making it easier to search for all your furnishing and fit out needs, by bringing together hundreds of small to medium furnishing and fit out retailers – with thousands of products – on the one site. provides the most complete shopping experience for buyers looking to access products from across hundreds of retailers, while also empowering smaller retailers to grow and thrive online while maintaining control of their own individual business. marketplace platform caters for everything from the simplest sale to more complex customisation and full fit outs, and enables customers to also mix and match across retailers in a single transaction.

If you’re not sure where to start, has compiled some of the top interior design trends that people are embracing post-lockdown and as they look forward to a fresh new year!

1. Sustaining small business: Post-lockdown many people are aware of the pressures faced by smaller businesses, and are keen to embrace and support them – including seeking out less common, handmade or bespoke solutions to their furnishing needs, rather than mass-produced items.

2. Bringing the outdoors indoors: After being forced to spend so much time within our own four walls during lockdown, it’s probably not surprising many people are craving a bit more nature – and we can’t get enough of it. One of the biggest post-lockdown trends has been bringing nature into our homes, whether through indoor plants, or natural materials such as cane or wicker, raw-edge timber and stone.

3. Earthy colours: People are also embracing natural tones on their walls and furnishings, with deep greens and olives becoming more popular, along with aqua and ochre – and even some bright yellow and orange to add a sense of sunshine!

4. A bit of luxury: Our homes really have been our havens, and many people want to keep up the comforting feels through such things as a comfy stuffed armchair in a sunny corner, or even adding a larger luxury bathtub to a bathroom renovation.

5. Multi-function spaces: During lockdown the focus was on working and studying from home, now we need to also live a bit more and be able to entertain. Many people are looking for ways to integrate their work/study space more seamlessly into their homes – such as office spaces tucked into cupboards – so they can lock away the stress of the day and relax with family and friends. is an innovative online platform bringing together more than 200 furnishing and fit out retailers and more than 100,000 products on the one site. Find out more at

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