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Golden Grind Announces New Offering

Golden Grind Announces New Offering

Leading holistic health brand Golden Grind is thrilled to announce its evolution, boasting revolutionary new products and an innovative industry first.

Since 2016, the family-owned business has been pioneering the Australian health space, constantly striving to provide its community with scientifically backed, natural products that work. Partnering with a team of highly skilled scientists, Golden Grind is delighted to officially release its game-changing 2021 range that features 11 first-to-market products.

The offering champions native and traditional remedies that have been utilised for holistic medicinal purposes for centuries. The new collection boasts a range of blends produced to aid with a variety of ailments. These include a Wellbeing Mushroom Blend, Gut Health Blend, cover a wide a range of health concerns including a Debloating Tea, Immunity Tea, Sleep Tea and a Focus and Energy Tea for those needing some extra help getting back into the swing of work. And just in time for winter, Golden Grind’s Healthy Hot Chocolate Blend is a beautiful and delicate blend of cacao, turmeric and cinnamon – a healthy, yet scrumptious hot beverage.

For those seeking a tailored approach that is suited to individual needs, Golden Grind has you covered! In an industry first, the brand is offering custom blends, available through a complimentary virtual consultation. The supportive consult is easy to complete and, want to know the best thing? Following the session, Golden Grind works alongside industry professionals to develop a personalised health supplement that is completely bespoke.

The company is proud to only use high quality ingredients that have proven health benefits, such as medicinal mushrooms, ashwagandha, green banana starch, prebiotics, probiotics, hemp seed, and ginkgo biloba to name a few. After research showed that most direct competitors have more that 50% ‘filler’ in health blends, Golden Grind felt passionately that product quality was of the utmost importance.

On a mission to change the health space and modernise pharmaceuticals, Golden Grind has made a pledge to maintain its 100% clean and pure product offering. Free from Palm Oil that is hiding in almost every supplement you know and love, Golden Grind is committed to ensuring its products help consumers without sacrificing the environment.

Gone are the days of seeing endless practitioners and prescribing to hundreds of dollars of supplements. By booking a free consultation online, the brand will put you on the easy and direct path to living a healthier, more holistic life. Golden Grind is helping clients reimagine the relationship they have with their health. Healing, preventing, and curing…naturally.

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