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Gorgeous Skin Is Taking Over Sydney Beauty

Gorgeous Skin Is Taking Over Sydney Beauty

It’s been some time since Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week came around to set the beauty standards of Sydney. Going strong for over twenty years, the fashion showcase is one of the hottest events for determining what’s in with beauty. It’s tough to pin down what styles showcased have stood the test of time until now, but there’s no doubting that good skin played a large role in this year’s event. So if you’re planning to get a gift for a woman in your life or looking to do yourself some favours, know that fabulous skin is a hot commodity for beauty right now.

Highlights Of MBWFA 

There were plenty of stand out trends that hit the runway this year, crossing over both worlds of fashion and cosmetics. It looks like retro crimped hair has made a comeback this year, in part due to the likes of Keira Knightly, but with a modern air dry method that lets anyone achieve this ‘90s style without the need for heat tools. Good skin is always a must for beauty, and it seems like virtually every model graced the runway with glowing sun-kissed skin. This definitely set the standard for beauty. Everyone’s now looking to make their skin flawless through a trending variety of dermal procedures. 

Face Jobs Are In

Flawless skin continues to be a hot commodity for Sydney beauty, and it seems like this trend is carrying over from 2018. An interview between cosmetic specialist, Dr Phoebe Jones and gives some insight into some of the most popular face procedures to come. Baby botox, a smaller dose of botox administered throughout more appointments, and dermal fillers are amongst the more popular skin boosting methods of the year. Liquid rhinoplasties and facelifts are also emerging as popular methods for preserving the natural, youthful look of a person’s skin. 

Beauty In Face Alone

In terms of cosmetics, it looks like less is more. Pulling off a light amount of makeup that makes it seem like nothing’s on is the current wave for cosmetic beauty standards. Highlighting and showing off gorgeous skin is definitely the goal, since minimal makeup helps to emphasise the inherent beauty that’s found in a person’s skin.

Showing off skin has never mattered more in the world of beauty than now. Let’s see how this rising fixation on beautiful skin continues to change with forward trends in beauty culture.

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