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Grape Co: Australian Table Grapes

Grape Co: Australian Table Grapes

Imagine enjoying the deliciousness of cotton candy or sweet butterscotch, all while knowing you can indulge guilt free? With Grape Co. you can thanks to their innovative range of premium table grapes.

Grape Co. are an Australian company that produce some of the nation’s sweetest, crunchiest and most delectable grapes. Founded in 1971, the family business was rebranded in 2013 to become Grape Co. Australia and have continued their commitment to growing the highest quality grapes in a range of traditional and cutting-edge varieties.

Working with Californian Based company International Fruit Genetics, Grape Co. produce a number of unique grape varieties including Cotton Candy, Candy Hearts and Sweet Sapphire. These magnificent grapes are naturally crossbred and GMO free, grown in farms in around Mildura VIC using sustainable farming principles for a truly superior product.

Hero grape varieties from Grape Co. include:

Cotton Candy – taste just like the old-fashioned favourite! This is a green, seedless grape with a flavour that bares an uncanny likeness to fairy floss.

Candy Hearts – exclusive to Grape Co. in the Australian market this red, seedless variety boasts notes of rich butterscotch. A real treat that everyone will love.

Sweet Sapphire – another exclusive for Grape Co. in the Australian market, this uniquely elongated black grape is remarkably sweet and crisp, perfect for snacking.

Exporting across South East Asia and Australia, Grape Co. have maintained their position as an innovative producer, sought after for their fresh, high-quality and simply delicious produce. Combining passion and three generations of horticultural innovation Grape Co. grow truly unique and tasty grapes that are the real nature’s candy – healthy treats that are enjoyed by adults and children alike!

Grape Co. grapes can be found in selected Coles and Woolworths supermarkets nationally (excluding W.A) as well as in speciality grocers across Sydney.

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