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If The Smoko Is Banned, Should Sitting Be Too?

If The Smoko Is Banned, Should Sitting Be Too?

New research has revealed that the indirect costs of smoking, such as lost time due to smoke breaks and second-hand smoke exposure, has a substantial impact on the economy.

With calls today in Australia of banning the ‘smoko’ at work, it raises questions for other workplace behaviour that is considered the norm – like sitting. Many health experts now consider sitting for up to 8 hours a day at work just as bad as smoking, so should sitting be banned too?

VARIDESK®, the leading manufacturer of height-adjustable standing desks, has been watching the workplace health trend for a while, and has just this month released a new range of electric standing models into Australia.

It’s based on a new study conducted by VARIDESK® which found that Millennials no longer want to work from a traditional desk set up; they want an active workspace design that supports movement, collaboration and social interaction. The study surveyed 1,000 Millennials ages 22 – 35 who work in an office environment and from a desk.

According to the survey: 75% of respondents would rather work in an active workspace than a traditional “desk.” And of the respondents that work from an active workspace, 87% are satisfied with the space their employer provides. Only 57% of respondents without an active workspace are satisfied with their space.

With a unique design that makes it simple and easy to go from sitting to standing, the new ProDesk™ 48 electric desk is able to do something that no other commercial grade standing desk can do – assemble in under 5 minutes while also being incredibly stable at any height.

“We’re proud to deliver a product into Australia which will bring a more active and healthy workspace for everyone,” said VARIDESK CEO Jason McCann. “This new desk will help workplaces reduce sedentary behaviour, and achieve the active, yet functional, office space that Australians now desire.”

The ProDesk 48 comes with four unique finishes, Butcher Block, Reclaimed Wood, White, and Black, that showcase it’s sophisticated chamfered edges, with a look that is sure to fit every taste and style.

Each desk features a sturdy frame with stability crossbar for enhanced steadiness, and a heavyduty laminate finish. The desk also offers ample workspace and has three programmable settings to easily and quietly adjust to heights up to 128cm.

The ProDesk 48 is now available at (RRP $1,295). 

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