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An Introduction to Standing Desks

An Introduction to Standing Desks

Do you often find your back cramping while working away on your office desk for extended periods of time? A new debate is circulating, raising the question of whether sitting should be banned in the workplace. Statistics show that one in six Australians suffered from back problems in the 2017/2018 time period alone, and this number continues to grow.

If you’re worried about your lack of physical activity and energy in the office setting due to excessive sitting, you can turn to alternative options such as investing in a standing desk to avoid the repercussions of a bad posture. In this article, we’ll introduce the concept of standing desks and how they help with back pain.

What Is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk can also be referred to as a height-adjustable desk and is used by individuals to work when they’re standing upright. It is increasingly gaining popularity with numerous modern computer users as it cuts down your sitting time and allows you to remain fit while working.

Standing desks can usually be adjusted, making them very useful for individuals of any height. If you’re short and have trouble viewing things on your computer screen, you can move the desk so that it aligns with your line of sight. On the other hand, if you’re tall and are tired of hunching over your desk all the time, you can adjust the standing desk in a similar way according to your needs, helping to eliminate the prevailing ache pricking in your neck and back.

When Can You Use a Standing Desk?

The use of a standing desk isn’t just limited to your office; it can be used at home as well for people that work remotely or even for artistic work. It can act as a crafting table or when you feel like scrapbooking in your leisure time. It can substitute an art desk for individuals who love to indulge in drawing and painting. Whenever you require a workspace that enables you to be comfortable doing your work while standing, a standing desk will come to your rescue and make achieving your goals much more manageable.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing desks have various benefits, which make them suitable for living a healthy lifestyle. Standing while working enhances blood circulation, increasing energy levels as your mind is able to stay more active and creative. Since you’re more in touch with the environment around you by already being on your feet, you can rush to a coworker’s help or attend a meeting on time. Even if it only increases your productivity by a few seconds every time, it will save you and your company time and allow you to get more tasks done. You will also burn more calories when standing as compared to working while sitting.


Standing desks play a significant role in ensuring you are being more active at work, allowing you to stand periodically during your time at the office. If you’ve been wondering whether stand to sit desks are good for back pain, you can visit the linked article that provides the information needed to take the initiative to purchase a standing chair as it improves blood flow in the body and reduces back and neck pain.

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