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Junket Tourism in Australia 

Junket Tourism in Australia

Junket tourism is now hitting the world of gamblers who enjoy travelling. More and more players decide to book these tours to relax, have fun, and forget about planning their journey. But what are the main advantages of junket tourism? What are its core principles? Are there any tours of this kind to Australia? In this post, you will find the most important facts and tips on booking a junket tour to Australia.

Junket Tourism: Basic Facts

Junket tourism unique tours are developed for gambling enthusiasts who prefer most of their time in the casinos. The greatest advantage of this type of tour is that they are designed for people who like gambling and value their time. If you choose a junket tour, you will not need to spend hours planning your vacation – the entire job will be done by professional tourism and gambling managers. What does it mean for you?

– No need to look for cheap flight tickets

– Forget about arranging airport transfers or renting a car

– No need to book accommodation or choose hotels close to the most popular gambling spots

– Spend more time on gambling rather than visiting tourist places and destinations

In most cases, the junket agent will also choose the best casinos for you, where you will need to spend at least a few hours per day. Sometimes you will need to make a deposit in a particular casino when planning your journey. You can also specify your preferences when choosing casinos you will need to visit during your journey. For example, you might point out that you are a fan of sweet bonanza pokie and get a chance to play your favorite games in real-life conditions.

The deposit is a confirmation of the client’s reliability and proof you will follow the terms of the junket tour agreement. In case a client meets all the requirements and terms mentioned in the junket contract, the deposit will be returned‌. If you fail to meet those rules, you might be asked to pay the cost of flight tickets, transfers, and hotel services back to the junket provider.

In other words, the tourist has many advantages and a few limitations when choosing a junket tour. However, most experienced gamblers believe it is a good way to try new casinos, earn good money, and don’t have their head-dizzying because of all the routine activities that always take place when planning journeys.

Australian Junket Tourism 

First of all, it is crucial to learn more about gambling in Australia. Gambling in Australia is regulated at the state, territory, and federal levels. What does it mean for a gambler who wants to play and visit tourist places in this country? It means that not all states have legalized gambling. What is more, in some states you might enjoy gambling offline but are not allowed to make bets online (and vice versa)

Therefore, if you enjoy betting both online and offline, it is better to double-check this opportunity before paying for your tour to avoid any gambling issues.

How to Choose A Junket Tour to Australia? 

There are many parameters you should take into account when choosing your new tour to Australia for gambling. Here is a list of the most important ones.

Licensed Agency

There are many tourism agencies that offer services for traditional and junket tourism, as well as there are companies that work with junket tours only. Anyway, before paying for your tour, it is crucial to make sure you deal with a licensed business.

If you find a cheap but shady company that is ready to help you with arranging your tour, you might get serious problems. First, you are at risk of losing all your money. Second, the conditions you paid for (accommodation, transfer, etc.) might turn out to be completely different from the real ones. Third, the agency might fail to meet your gambling requirements and offer visiting casinos you are not interested in.


Deposits might significantly vary in different junket tourism agencies. In what cases can you lose your deposit? What are the obligatory conditions you need to follow when gambling in Australia? It is better to know all the nuances before signing an agreement.

Extra Details 

Make sure the cost of the most important expenses is included in your agreement. Thus, an agency should provide you with flight tickets, hotel transfers, accommodation, breakfast, and other options.


What types of casinos are you going to visit? How much time should you spend gambling per day? What games are available in the casinos where you will spend most of your time? Are there any other gambling spots available near your hotel? Make sure to get the answers to all these questions before paying for your tour.

All in all, junket tourism is becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Australia is not an exception to this rule. If you want to try gambling in this beautiful country, it is always a good idea to buy a tour from a reliable and professional junket travel agency.

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