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Kate Voegele Interview

Kate Voegele Interview

Between 2008 – 2011, television series One Tree Hill was a big thing. Slowly gaining enthusiastic fans and high ratings, now still loved by a new generation through box sets or streaming, the show is a bona fide staple of youth culture.

Beautiful Kate Voegele played Mia, and for the first time, is touring Australia with OTH co-star Tyler Hilton in a series of intimate concerts showcasing her eclectic supple vocal mastery. With an array of albums spiking the interest of music aficionados, talking with Kate, it instantly became apparent she is a natural shining star who loves to work hard creatively, especially for the fan’s benefit.

Have you been Down Under before?

KATE VOEGELE – No have not and as I’m such a travel nut, it’s exciting to be here to play music to fans and see the country.

Is singing something you did from an early age to now professionally?

KV – Have been singing since really young, always wanted to do things that are creative. I’m from a small town in heartland USA, never necessarily knew how to break into music business not growing up in LA or NY or anything like that. But once I started playing shows, realising it’s something I had a knack for, it wasn’t too long I knew this was what I was going to do with my life.

Is it a harder thing to do than acting, getting up to sing?

KV – Different challenges. Getting up and performing in front of a bunch of people in real time is similar to theatre right with a live audience. So if you mess up, you’re messing up directly. Acting like I did on One Tree Hill is a little different as it’s pieced together, edited with the best takes. Both are creative processes I see as storytelling, that is why I love them both. I’m a storyteller much more than anything else. 

Do you play any musical instruments with your singing?

KV -Yes guitar mostly, and a little piano. Getting up to sing in front of an audience was something I took a while to be used to. I think of myself as artistic in an open-minded way, not calling myself a full on introvert but definitely not the loudest person at the party. So getting up to sing in front of people didn’t come naturally when I started out. But since then, it’s been such an awesome experience helping me get to know myself to open up in many other ways in my life. A really cool thing.

What can concert goers expect when seeing your show?

KV – Great vibes, equal parts fun, chill, super casual. Tyler and I have played together the last couple of years on and off. Best thing, it feels like we are just hanging out with our fans on tour, my favourite way to tour and perform. At the end of the day, music allows people to connect with each other through shared experience. Writing songs about people, places or something in one’s life helping everyone connect. They hopefully feel they are not the only one. I like the fact it’s an intimate cool vibe no matter if we play to 50 people or 5000, it’s what we aim for.

You’ll be here in our summer around a hot Christmas.

KV – Yes (laughs), super excited actually. It’s funny because after Australia, we go do shows in New York and Boston plus other places. It’s going to be freezing cold. Can’t wait to soak up some sun before we head out into a sea of white snow, it’s not the best weather to be driving around in either. I want to hit up at least one beach while in Australia. 

Have you ever been surfing?

KV – Not been surfing sadly. My husband tried to teach me once on a trip to Mexico, I lasted about five minutes. So sad (laughs), and decided to go get a drink at the bar while he surfed. So it’s safe to say I don’t have a handle on that but i do love to stand up paddle board, maybe I’ll rent a board while in Oz. 

Do you have any favourite songs to perform? i enjoy your version of Hallelujah.

KV – Thank you, I also like to sing that. To me, it’s pretty incredible people love my version of it such as you Shane, it’s a special song to me. I am excited to sing new music for the fans, I guess everything is sort of new as I’ve not toured Down Under before. My record Canyonlands released about a year ago so that songlist is relatively new and I am currently working on my next project. So planning to play at least one brand new song I haven’t played live or released.

You must love writing songs as much as singing them?

KV – I do, it’s definitely my favourite part of the entire process of my job. Therapeutic and collaborative in a lot of ways, an opportunity to work with other creative minds. There’s nothing I love more than finding that perfect line or perfect rhyme when we are all stuck. It’s inspiring to go home thinking we just made something that didn’t exist when I woke up this morning. Been working on heaps of new stuff this year, I’ve written more new material this year than I ever have.

Ever thought of combining the two – writing a screenplay or musical so you could act within it?

KV – That’s an awesome question, I have thought of ideas of that before talking with Tyler. He also has the music and acting ability. I would love to never say never, I just enjoy anything involving creative challenges. It was so cool to see La La Land as an example on big screen that had such popularity.

What are your routines before walking out on stage?

KV – Little bit of warm up routine, nothing too crazy, as a casual person so it is important the fans feel like they are hanging out in a fun environment so I try not to put too much pressure on myself. Vocal warm ups and a sip of whisky as it’s a tradition for me, gets me in the game. It amps me up to play a  rock show.

Any talk on a One Tree Hill reunion or reboot, would you be keen?

KV – I don’t know. Some of us do conventions which is terrific, fans coming together having photo opportunities is all cool. Not sure if it will translate to some kind of reboot. I know Gilmore Girls was popular, it could work for us too. The family of actors I worked with on the show have become great friends and love getting to see all of them. I’d say we would all be really excited if it happened. 

KATE VOEGEL with TYLER HILTON appearing at THE BASEMENT Sydney December 7th and December 10th. Also touring Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Shane A. Bassett

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