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Little Creatures releases refreshed IPA

Little Creatures releases refreshed IPA

Little Creatures has released its IPA with a new US West Coast-inspired recipe, making it the perfect addition to your esky this summer.

The permanent release is the latest beer to come out of the Fremantle brewery this year, replacing its current British-style IPA. The Little Creatures IPA is also available in 355mL cans for the first time, to deliver a fresher and more versatile brew.

Russ Gosling, Head Brewer at Little Creatures Fremantle said it was time to bring Little Creatures’ IPA into the new world and offer beer drinkers a more refreshing brew.

“The new recipe is a modern take on the West Coast IPA style. We’ve used lighter malts and a compilation of freshly imported US hops to produce delicious spicy, tropical, stone fruit and citrus flavours while still retaining Little Creatures’ signature and distinctive bitterness,” Gosling said.

The new Little Creatures IPA is available on tap at select venues nationally and in store from leading retailers around the country. RRP is $82/24-case and $28/6-pack.

A newbie’s guide to navigating the East to West of IPAs with Russ Gosling:

1. British IPA: this is where the IPA style began. British IPAs are pale in colour, with earthy and grassy flavours, and are not that hoppy by today’s standards. Perfect for: your next BBQ. Pair with grilled meat to bring out the caramel flavours in the malt.

2. American Pale Ale: take a British IPA, substitute English hops for American hops and you have American Pale Ale! You can expect more fruity, citrus flavours from this IPA. Perfect for: watching Steph Curry lead the Golden State Warriors an NBA championship.

3. East Coast IPA: also known as New England IPAs, these hazy, juicy fruit bombs use a stronger malt to match the hops than a traditional American Pale Ale, which gives East Coast IPA a lower bitterness and a soupy look in the glass. Perfect for: New England’s outdoor adventure-vibe make this brew perfect for wrapping up a weekend camping trip.

4. West Coast IPA: if you are looking for a beer that packs more of a punch on fruitiness and hops, this is for you. Think lemon rind, grapefruit and pepper. Perfect for: kicking back at the beach with friends this summer.

5. Double IPA: exactly what it sounds like. Double everything you’d find in a standard IPA. Perfect for: upping the anti of your craft beer palate.

6. Triple IPA: a dialed up Double IPA. Perfect for: when double or nothing isn’t enough.

7. Fruit IPA: this is an IPA which has had fruit added to it to pull out more of the citrus, fruity flavours in the hops like grapefruit or pineapple. Perfect for: date night at your favourite Indian restaurant.

Little Creatures IPA
Hops: Crystal, El Dorado, Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, Amarillo & Mosaic
Malt Bill: Pale, Munich & Redback
IBU: 44
Alc/Vol: 6.4%
EBC: 14

Find out more at, or follow Little Creatures on Facebook and Instagram. 

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