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MLC Centre presents Disposable Truths

MLC Centre presents Disposable Truths

MLC Centre has unveiled environmental artist Marina DeBris’ thought provoking installation of ‘Disposable Truths’.

Marina created the work of art, which highlights the need for change, using recycled coffee cup lids collected by MLC Centre tenants and visitors over the month of July. MLC Centre hold sustainability at the front of mind, with continued commitment to the community and a proactive philosophy to make a difference on waste.

Marina DeBris is celebrated internationally for her vibrant but haunting assemblages made from the flotsam and jetsam of contemporary life. Shocked by the amount of post-consumer plastic lining the shores, DeBris started off many years ago by collecting what rubbish she could off our beaches. She however soon realised this was not the solution and started to use art to engage audiences around the harmful effects of our plastic habits, as she has done at MLC Centre.

Over a thousand coffee cup lids were collected at MLC Centre in one month, which Marina then used to construct her compelling piece ‘Disposable Truths’. Unbeknown to many, takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable. Whilst they look like paper, they are actually a thin polyethylene cup in a paper sleeve, having a devastating and long-lasting impact on our environment. Rubbish expert estimates that the equivalent of 3 commercial size skips of disposal cups are left on Australian beaches each year, highlighting the need for consumers to move to sustainable alternatives.

MLC Centre have teamed with KeepCup in order to reduce waste and continue to step up their sustainability efforts. KeepCup is the Australian innovator making a big difference to the amount of plastic reaching landfill, with their reusable cups. In partnership with MLC Centre, they are offering a special discount to MLC Centre visitors, and 20% off all online orders. MLC Centre will also be gifting every tenant a free KeepCup to make solidify their mark on waste in Sydney’s CBD.

Bob Johnston, GPT Group CEO commented, “Sustainability practices underline our day to day operations and are integrated into our organisational culture, stakeholder engagement, governance and processes. We know that looking after the environment to meet the needs of current and future generations is essential to ongoing business success, and recognise the need to continually reduce environmental impacts. We’re proud to be able to show in an artistic way, how waste affects our environment and be able to offer all of our MLC Centre tenants a complimentary Keep Cup in order to assist them in playing their part.”

Darren Steinberg, Dexus CEO said, “Reuse is an effective way of reducing waste to landfill, and reflects our commitment to sustainability across the operations of our buildings. This initiative is a great way of influencing the behaviour of our customers who frequent the MLC Centre food court.”

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