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Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants Amber Ale is the latest addition to Mountain Goat’s award winning stable of beers and truly celebrates the art of ‘Craft.’

Craft beer artisans Cam and Dave have harnessed the distinctive characteristics of their original Hightail Ale and employed their creative flare to embellish it by incorporating five malts and then generously hopping with Tasmanian Galaxy hops late during fermentation.

“The addition of Fancy Pants to the Mountain Goat family is a true celebration of craft beer. We’ve spent some time playing around with the Hightail, and injected some creativity into the art of brewing it. The result is a spicy, fruity ale with a firm backbone, it’s fancy,” Comments Dave Bonighton, Co-Founder of Mountain Goat Beer.

Available in Autumn and Winter, the limited edition release stays true to brand, encompassing the full bodied flavours that Mountain Goat is known for and is naturally brewed avoiding preservatives and additives.

For the beer geeks, the numbers are 5.2% adv, 30BU, 35EBC, AE 3.0 and is best enjoyed with a side of fun. If you think you’re a Fancy Pants, hash-tag #FancyPants on Instagram and the Goat team might send something your way if they agree.

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