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Nivea Men Deep Range

Nivea Men Deep Range

Feeling fresh and in-control is an essential part of tackling each day with the confidence to handle any situation. NIVEA MEN are now challenging men to take their everyday game to the next level with the brand new DEEP range. DEEP is a team of six products that offers powerful protection and effective care. Each product features a deep scent, containing citrus, spicy and warm notes, which all enhance the feeling of being groomed perfectly.

The new NIVEA MEN DEEP Range covers every step of a man’s grooming routine, and includes a shower gel, a shaving gel, a face & beard wash, anti-perspirants and an after-shave.

Powerful Black Carbon ingredient

The primary ingredient across the product range is Black Carbon. NIVEA Australia’s Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ken Lee said: “Its extraordinary absorption properties make Black Carbon an ideal ingredient for products that aim to leave a reliable clean feeling.”

Meet the new range

The colour of Black Carbon is also shown in the products themselves. The NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Gel comes out as a black gel and turns white when it transforms into foam. The gel helps to gently prepare the skin for shaving, enabling an optimal razor glide and creating a clean shave experience. The NIVEA MEN DEEP Face & Beard Wash uses Black Carbon to cleanse the face thoroughly, removing impurities and oil. This is rounded off by the NIVEA MEN DEEP After Shave that has an antibacterial formula that leaves a clean feeling without burning.

NIVEA MEN DEEP Anti-perspirant features the reliable 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor characteristic of all NIVEA MEN deodorants. It comes with an antibacterial formula containing Black Carbon, which acts powerfully against bacteria and leaves no visible black residue on the skin. It provides long-lasting freshness and clean feeling skin.

The power of micro-fine clay was harnessed for the NIVEA MEN DEEP Shower Gel. Clay is known for its ability to absorb and bind impurities and body odors, as well as providing deep pore cleansing The shower gel cleans efficiently without drying out the skin, which is exactly what you need after a long workout or game.

The NIVEA MEN DEEP team of products give every man the tools he needs to be 100 per cent on top of his game every day and in any situation. The range is available on shelf across ANZ now.

The full NIVEA MEN DEEP range includes:

NIVEA MEN DEEP Shaving Gel, 200 ml (RRP $5.99 AU, $8.99 NZ)
NIVEA MEN DEEP After Shave, 100 mL ($11.40 AU, $12,99 NZ)
NIVEA MEN DEEP Shower Gel, 250 ml, 500 mL ($7.50 AU, $7.99 NZ)
NIVEA MEN DEEP Antiperspirant, Spray, 250 mL ($6.59 AU, $6.99 NZ)
NIVEA MEN DEEP Antiperspirant, Roll-on, 50 mL ($3.79 AU, $4.89 NZ)
NIVEA MEN DEEP Face & Beard Wash, 100 mL ($8.99 AU, $9.99 NZ)

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