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Opihr Gin The Secret To Discovering The Spice Route This Summer

Opihr Gin The Secret To Discovering The Spice Route This Summer

Summer is upon us, and after a long winter of closed borders and lockdowns, Australians everywhere are looking forward to reuniting with family and friends and soaking up some time in the sun, over meals and drinks a-plenty. But while we’re still experiencing certain levels of lockdown measures across the country, the idea of travel is never far from our minds.

Premium gin, OPIHR Gin, is calling on Australians to indulge their adventurous side this summer with their Oriental Spiced Gin. Its liquid is the perfect celebratory spirit to inspire a curiosity for discovery as we look forward to a future full of travel and new experiences.

OPIHR’s Oriental Spiced Gin is a truly unique London Dry Gin, firmly rooted in the Ancient Spice Route and inspired by the adventurous spirit of merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands. It is made using exotic hand-picked botanicals, herbs and spices of the Orient, including spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and Tellicherry black pepper from India, and coriander from Morocco. Nicole Moore, Marketing Manager at GAP Drinks, says, “Australia’s appetite for discovery is great news for Opihr, as shoppers look for unique and interesting flavours that can transport them to some of their favourite destinations around the world.”

To celebrate a passion for travel and adventure while we wait for the opportunity to get off the beaten track to discover places unknown, OPIHR has launched the ‘Postcard to Adventure’ competition. Over the next few weeks, OPIHR will be sharing postcards from some of their favourite places along the ancient spice route, from which their botanicals are sourced. Australians are asked to head to and post their top travel tip from their favourite destination for a chance to win several travel-related prizes, including a $3,500 travel voucher, Kaiser Baas 4k Action Camera Packs, and OPIHR Gin Packs. Some of the best travel tips submitted by entrants will also feature on OPIHR’s online discovery board, found on their website.

“We know Australians are yearning to jump on a plane and start exploring again, so we wanted to find a way to connect and inspire the trips they are planning now, for when borders reopen. And what better way to do so than by reminiscing on their past travel experiences, whilst enjoying the exotic flavours of Opihr Gin at home in Australia this summer,” continued Moore.

Also available to enjoy this Christmas are pre-mixed Gin & Tonic, and pre-mixed Gin & Tonic with a twist of Orange, both featuring OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin. To indulge yourself in the flavours of the Orient, here are some other simple recipes you can try at home using OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin:

Spiced Red Snapper
– 50ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
– Tomato juice
– 4 dashes Worcester sauce
– 2 dashes Tabasco
– Lemon juice
– Pinch of salt and pepper (cubebs if available)

Method: Build in Collins (or similar glass) with ice. Stir down and squeeze over lemon. Season with salt and pepper.

Spiced Negroni
– 25ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
– 25ml Sweet Vermouth
– 25ml Campari
– Orange peel to garnish

Method: Stir down, serve over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin also makes a deliciously refreshing gin and tonic with a subtle spicy twist, and is best served over ice with tonic and an orange peel twist garnish. Or if you’re more adventurous, mix OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin with ginger ale and serve with a slice of ginger or sliced chilli for a little extra spice. Opihr Spiced Gin 700ml is available at Dan Murphy’s for $59.99 and BWS stores for $61.

For details about the Postcard to Adventure competition, and to enter for your chance to win an ultimate travel prize including OPIHR Gin Packs, visit and #JoinTheJourney. 

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