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Useful Travel Tips & Services

Useful Travel Tips & Services

If you do not use the services of travel agencies, but prefer to think over your travel itinerary on your own, you must have encountered some difficulties. The most important questions are where to stay and how to get to your destination. In addition, it is also important to find out how to exchange currency, what interesting places you can visit, and where to try the local cuisine. To make your journey less complicated, we have collected useful advice and resources for you to help you plan your trip, prepare the essentials and be ready to travel.

Travel on your own

One of the main tips is to travel on your own and not through travel agencies. So it will turn out not only more profitable but also more interesting. Firstly, travel agencies take a large commission for their services, and secondly, when traveling with a group of other tourists, you always have to adapt to someone, so you have no freedom of choice. If you are traveling on your own, you can plan your day, the time of awakening, and the number of hours spent in one place or another.

Many argue that traveling with a travel agency is safer because, in the event of force majeure, it takes responsibility. However, this is not always the case – travel agencies often prefer to shift the blame on the airline, the host, and other factors.

In comparison, one trip with a travel agency can cost €1,100, while a self-organized trip will cost about €500. The result is significant savings, which is worth the time spent on planning a trip.

Save on accommodation

If you want to travel as economically as possible, you can save on accommodation. The Couchsurfing website will help you with this – this is an international project that allows travelers to find people who are ready to host free accommodation for the night. The site works simply – you need to register and enter the destination – the program will give you available options for your dates. Next, you will need to contact the owner of the apartment that you like and discuss the details. Thus, you can save on the hotel.

Another option to save on a hotel is to use the Staydu service. This is an analog of the previous service, however, here a nominal fee may be provided for accommodation or you may be asked to help with the housework. Conditions and requirements for accommodation you discuss in advance with the owners. You can also save a bit of money with a VPN while booking a hotel. Booking hotels for locals is usually cheaper than for tourists.

Work and travel

Many people do not like to stay with residents, so as not to strain strangers. If you also do not want to live with someone in the family, use the service. It allows you to find volunteer work with residents in more than 135 countries around the world. There are a lot of job options – from cleaning in a country house to helping at the zoo.

Look for a guide among residents

To get to know the traditions and customs of the place where you are going, it is best to ask the locals. You may find a local citizen before your trip – just search online. A local guide may arrange a private tour for you for a minimum cost. Also, with the help of a local, you can get answers to your questions about the country. Locals may also advise you of some places for entertainment – for example, a good ​​Woo Casino when you may bet.

Carry a map 

If you are traveling on your own, it is important to always have a map of the city with you so that you can get directions. is an offline application with very detailed maps and a navigator that has the function of building routes for various vehicles, whether it be a bicycle or a car. Therefore, this option is suitable for you, even if you do not have a local SIM card or Internet access.

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