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Protect your eyes with EXYRA Eyewear

Protect your eyes with EXYRA Eyewear

EXYRA eyewear technology protects your eyes while offering a more comfortable and stylish solution against digital eye strain.

What is Blue Light: Blue light is ever-present in our environment. It is naturally produced by the sun, dispensed from fluorescent light bulbs and emitted by LEDs present in digital devices such as computer screens, tablets and smartphones. Close to UV on the light spectrum and part of visible light, blue light comprises of wavelengths that range from 400 nm to 500 nm.

Its Effects: Our eye’s natural lens is not designed for prolonged exposure to artificial blue light emitted from digital devices. The high energy blue light created by such technology penetrates the retina and places strain on the muscle that helps the eye to focus, thus leading to a reduction in contrast. Unnecessary exposure to blue light can have adverse effects on our eye health, including dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, neck and back pain, and headaches.

The Solution: Just like people need different pairs of shoes for different occasions, they also need different eyewear solutions. To accommodate how much our lives have changed in the last decade with digital devices, EXYRA has developed an innovative lens technology that protects eyes from blue light, glare and other environmental stressors.

Blue Lens Filter Technology: EXYRA glasses are specially designed to optimise vision when viewing content on digital screens. EXYRA lenses absorbs and reflects high energy blue light that can otherwise strain unprotected eyes. The lens also allows for healthier blue-turquoise light to enter the retina, enhancing proper colour perception and wakefulness. For individuals who work in professions that require true colour perception, such as graphic designers, video editors and visuals artists, EXYRA’s innovative lens technology is also designed to accommodate the full colour spectrum, ensuring clear, vibrant and undisturbed colour perception.

Anti-Fatigue: Near vision tasks such as coding, Excel, and reading are becoming more and more challenging as we become technologically dependent. Focusing on the same distant point for long periods of time will put unnecessary stress on the eye muscle leading to tiredness and bodily fatigue. As an optional upgrade, EXYRA lenses can also increase the magnification of your sight and accommodate varying contrasts without the need for excessive focusing effort.

UV++ Protection: Ultraviolet (UV) waves can damage eyes in many ways and can lead to cataracts, muscular degeneration and temporary loss of vision. EXYRA eyewear is designed to be worn both inside and outdoors, offering UV A/B protection and antireflective benefits for the wearer. 

Exyra Eyewear Key Benefits: 

– Blocks harmful blue light from digital devices
– Reduces eye fatigue and strain
– Provides 100% UV++ protection
– Reduces glare & improves visual contrast
– Magnifies vision & enhances colour spectrum
– Durable & scratch resistant
– Stylish fashion accessory for him and her

EXYRA Eyewear is available nationally (Non-Prescription: $98 RRP, Prescription: $150 RRP). For further information, visit

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