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Puzzles and Words 2

Puzzles and Words 2

By David Astle.

Welcome to Puzzles and Words 2, a sequel with as many strange word stories as the first, in tandem with 200 brain-curling puzzles…

From the ultimate wordsmith and crossword king, David (DA) Astle, comes the next exciting pocket-sized puzzle book with 200-plus original puzzles and some 250 of David’s entertaining word stories, packed between April and zemblanity.

From anagrams to riddles, puns to pyramids, DA is at it again, giving us quirky word origins and twisted quizzes. A book to rewire the brain, and fire the imagination, Puzzles and Words 2 will inspire hours of quality distraction.

What elephant walked into the dictionary?
Why did the pelican cross the road?
How does cosmic link to cosmetic?
Where does a seahorse sleep each night with an almond?
What illiterate silversmith rescued a language?

If you liked the stories David wove on SBS’s Letters and Numbers, or the zany tangents he takes in his weekly Wordplay column, then the Puzzles and Words series will be just your kind of fun.

Puzzles and Words 2 is sure to give your brain a seriously good bend. Available now.

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