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Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone Bows Out

Australian soap Home and Away has seen a handful of departures recently with the actors seeking pastures anew in America. Esther Anderson, Rebecca Breeds, David Jones-Roberts and Luke Mitchell, to name but a few, have all flown the Summer Bay nest in search of a career across the pond. But now the latest departure comes in the form of Robert Mammone who plays Dr. Sid Walker in the show, however, his leaving is a whole different story.

Confirming his departure on Twitter, the actor who made his first appearance on Home and Away in 2009 said he has been written out for “speaking up for the truth too often.” In recent weeks, the actor has hinted about disagreements with the show’s writers but now he has come right out with the truth. The main source of the problem seems to have come from a skin cancer storyline. In March, Mammone said he had rewritten a scene as he was unhappy with the way the writers were portraying the skin cancer storyline.

In answer to a fan’s question on Twitter about the story, Mammone replied “@peacefulgal2010 thanks Sahara, Luke and I re wrote most of it, as we felt, we needed to get it right . Too important.” Another fan complained that the story was ‘not realistic’ and again he replied with: “yep we thought so too. Sometimes the writers get it wrong!!!” However, it is believed that these tweets were written after the decision was made to write him off the soap as opposed to being the reason for his exit.

The announcement comes after the actor condemned the network for him not being invited to attend the Logie Awards in April. He thanked fans for their messages of good luck but took a snipe at Channel 7 saying, “Thanks for the good luck guys. If only I was going! Channel 7 couldn’t (wouldn’t) find a seat for me.” It all seems a little messy and unclear as to the real reason behind Mammone’s exit, but I’m sure he will do well in the future.

Nicola O’Flynn

Robert Mammone is currently playing Tony Mokbel in the latest Underbelly television series, Fat Tony & Co.

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