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Scandinavian Film Festival

Scandinavian Film Festival

The inaugural Scandinavian Film Festival is pleased to host a special screening of the gripping Norwegian suspense thriller Pioneer which stars our own Jonathan LaPaglia (UnderbellyThe SlapLove Child). Jonathan will then take the stage and discuss the film with journalist Giles Hardie.

In Pioneer, professional deep-sea divers Petter and brother Knut, are determined to be the first Norwegians to walk the seabed and are selected to test the depths where an oil pipeline would be constructed. However, a tragic accident changes everything. What was to be their greatest adventure turns into Petter’s worst nightmare.

Determined to discover the truth, Petter’s questions are blocked at every turn and he quickly finds himself way out of his depth. In the world of international politics, big business and enormous potential profits, awkward questions are quickly dealt with. When those involved in the operation begin to disappear, Petter realises his life is in danger and that nobody can be trusted.

Director Erik Skjoldbjærg (InsomniaProzac Nation) has created a thrilling, claustrophobic conspiracy based on true events. With its emphasis on the inky blackness of the deep sea and confined spaces, Pioneer is suspenseful, edgy and full of tension.

Jonathan will participate in a Q&A after one exclusive session of his film at the festival in Sydney (PALACE VERONA – SATURDAY 19 JULY 4:15pm).

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