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Small Mouth Vodka

Small Mouth Vodka

The cleanest, most sippable, mixable, shakeable Australian craft vodka.

Small Mouth Vodka is a 100% Australian made handcrafted spirit. The brand challenges the way people think about vodka; that it doesn’t need to be an imported, ‘burning’ or tasteless spirit. They deliver smooth, delicious sipping vodka.

Made from 100% organic ingredients, Small Mouth Vodka has no preservatives, artificial additives, colours or flavours. Proudly made, owned and operated in Australia the vodka is produced in limited quantities through a combination of time tested and traditional distilling techniques coupled with more modern ideas. The vodka is produced using a copper pot still process before passing through carbon filtration and being cut with locally captured and filtered rainwater. This meticulous process generates a spirit of the highest purity while still boasting quality of character in its taste.

Small Mouth Vodka offers the cleanest, most sippable, mixable and shakeable vodka, demonstrating hints of citrus on the nose, vanillary notes, and a sweet and pleasant finish. Chris Payton comments, “We disagree with comments suggesting that vodka should be a “colourless, odourless, tasteless spirit. Whilst subtle, we think a good vodka should have character and achieve a balance between this and purity”.

Launched in 2014 by lifelong friends Chris Payton and Rohan Rivett, the pair wanted to take a fresh approach to vodka while delivering a premium experience to consumers. The idea came to the guys while visiting distilleries around Scotland. Each distillery would have its own story and ideals which was then captured in the spirits they produced. This resonated with the guys, and was somewhat echoed with what was happening at the time back in Sydney with the surging new small bar scene. As appreciators of fine spirits, Chris and Rohan wanted to offer a new approach to the vodka category, one that was fresh and Australian, challenging the idea that vodka can only come from Russia.

The Small Mouth Vodka brand is one that is fun, witty and quirky while still backing up with internationally awarded juice. So, who drinks Small Mouth Vodka? Consumers who:

– enjoy organic, natural and vegan friendly foods and drinks
– usually enjoy a small bar over a big club
– drink less, but drink better and understand quality
– are more health conscious, calorie conscious, and careful about what they put into their body
– support local, Australian businesses
– have an eye for style and design
– enjoy a cheeky drink after a long day at the office

Small Mouth Vodka is available through Dan Murphy’s and independent bottle shops and bars around Australia that focus on locally made and/or premium and/or different offerings to the norm.

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