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Spin Out: Review

Spin Out: Review

Starring: Xavier Samuel, Morgan Griffin, Melissa Bergland, Lincoln Lewis, Travis Jeffery, Pia Grace Moon, Tessa James (Rated M – 90 min).

Locally made movies can often get lost in the mix of multiplex releases I’m always in support of Australian film, many are good, some not so much. Although national talent is brimming with creativity and an array of actors are making the move overseas to honoured success, Aussie flicks can be overlooked when deciding what to see at the cinema. While not exactly a travesty, Spin Out is one of those with enough potential to gain interest eventually failing to deliver on the promised good fun time ahead.

Based around an iconic rural gathering bachelor and spinsters ball, if guys in frocks drinking excessively and exploding porta-loos sounds funny, this is for you. Fast cars with big flags spraying dust doing donuts or figure eights competing for points may only appeal to car enthusiasts, then again…

Saving this is a wonderful cast rising above the mediocre material, it’s not their fault the subject and script has limited appeal. Wonderful accomplished singer-guitarist-actress Morgan Griffin plays Lucy who longs to leave the bush with dreams of a new life in the city.

Her best friend Billy (Xavier Samuel, who appeared in one of the year’s best films, Love and Friendship) goes one muscle car stunt too far helping Lucy make the decision to bail. They are of course secretly in love and this underlying romance is the best part of the entire proceedings. In the middle of all this is the famous B & S ball where drunken one night stands are known to turn into marriage, or not.

Lincoln Lewis does try hard and my pick for lead in the upcoming Muriel’s Wedding musical Melissa Bergland is quietly amusing showing an edgy personality without trying, but that’s the point. Starlet Pia Grace Moon is one to watch as Taylah, her camaera naturalism obviously apparant and destined for stadom. There is some strained entertainment to be had.

Supporting Australian films is important but for every Lantana, Man from Snowy River or Looking for Alibrandi, is a Spin Out. Thankfully the Red Dog sequel, Blue Dog and amazing true story Lion, are worthy local productions coming soon. Filmed around the Victorian town of Shepparton, picturesque scenery is well used.

Shane A. Bassett

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